Crundwell Horse. Photo credit: Alex T. Paschal.

Feds auctioning 93 Crundwell horses online

Crundwell Horse. Photo credit: Alex T. Paschal.
One of Rita Crundwell’s horses is seen at her stables just outside of Dixon. Federal prosecutors today asked the court to allow them to sell about 400 of her horses. (Alex T. Paschal/


WASHINGTON (Sept. 7, 2012) — The U.S. Marshals Service will auction the first 93 of hundreds of horses owned by a former Illinois city official charged with stealing public funds.

The online auction at will start at noon Friday and will close on Tuesday for 46 of the horses and Wednesday for 47 horses.

A live auction will be held in Dixon on Sept. 23 and 24 to sell the remainder of the nearly 400 horses owned by Crundwell.

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Feds hope for big bids for Rita Crundwell’s seized horses; Rockford Register Star; Sept. 7, 2012

Feds file motion to sell Crundwell horses;; June 14, 2012

3 thoughts on “Feds auctioning 93 Crundwell horses online”

  1. @mpclark – Did you see all the embryo “recipient mares”? Let’s guess where they end up after their *more valuable* foals are weaned.

    And all the pretty top-point winners whose photos feature their heads below their withers in that prized, unnatural QH “pleasure” style? When their back, neck and leg problems manifest themselves, how quickly will they be dumped and used as a tax write-off?

    I have to wonder if the Halter Horse category hasn’t become code for “meat-producer” as the current preferred halter champions look more like Angus beef than the sturdy all-purpose cowboy mount of 60 years ago.

    Even more than the Jockey Club, the AQHA has encouraged volume over quality and welcomed the support of those who dump their culls into the slaughter pipeline.

    It is sad that so many of our breed associations support “meat” as evidence of their breed’s versatility.


    1. GreenAcresWV, you are so correct. Re halter winners especially, that is the suspicion I have. As in, “how much a pound” for that ribbon-winning gelding from last year? I remember true beauty in the American Quarter Horse, too. (Wonder about new links found to diabetes and endocrine diseases in horses?)

      The appearance of the horses whose heads are obviously forced into a bizarre position and hanging towards their knees was termed by a friend of mine “the beaten dog” look. Why would any self-respecting person want to be seen doing that shuffle in a ring? We had stopped showing our horses and I am glad we did.

      All that silver on those saddles means that the money has truly harmed the great American Quarter Horse and through pseudo-trainers who do things to horses others can’t believe. The so-called trainers get paid for that abuse.

      After the last time we all went to the Quarter Horse Congress, I have never wanted to return. It was disgusting to see what had been done to the horses I was raised to esteem and if I was lucky, someday, own. My horse was never subjected to that abuse and lived a long and good life. My OTTB was never at risk either.

      God help the other horses who fell into the hands of the ribbon-at-any-cost idiots. I hope some of those beautiful horses ended up at decent homes.

      I will never hand a dime to any horse organization which does not fight slaughter consistently; that includes any horse related events. When I get those invitations to these expensive horse events, I always ask if they will have an anti-slaughter booth. When they tell me that the topic is too controversial, I always let them know that their response has cost them money. Until they change, I will not hand them any money.

      As others have said, live horses generate income. There is not and never was any need to kill our horses. Slaughter is a scam and a pile of lies. It is a daily insult to every one of us.

      Congress must be forced to pay for their lack of action.


  2. The well-heeled AQHA at its finest. How much screening will buyers get and what restrictions will anyone put on future breeding? That is the AQHA’s only interest.

    PMU is a handy way to get cash. Of course, after that, slaughter remains as a nice way to get that final cash payoff from betraying those numerous Quarter Horses which we keep producing.

    The AQHA supports breeding, using, dumping or killing as the best ways to pay for, use/abuse and dispose of our loyal and useful Quarter Horses.

    The taxpayer-supported buddies of the AQHA in Congress are quite useful and paid to stay that way. Our innocent best friends, our horses, die every day. The AQHA knows that and does not care.

    This is all about the cash and nothing else. Crundwell embezzled and the AQHA can still operate as it is now.

    Is Crundwell still a member of the very wealthy AQHA?

    End slaughter.


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