Paynter training at Elmont NY for the Belmont Stakes 2012. Times Union image.

Paynter ‘walking comfortably’


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Paynter training at Elmont NY for the Belmont Stakes 2012. Times Union image.
Paynter training at Elmont NY for the Belmont Stakes 2012. Times Union image.

Paynter, who was diagnosed with laminitis Sept. 4, was “walking comfortably” Sept. 5, and his bloodwork came back normal, the Zayat family said.

According to their reports on Twitter, Paynter, a 3-year-old by Awesome Again, had normal bowel movements Sept. 5 despite some discomfort. The Zayats said discomfort “is not uncommon in horses with colitis as the diarrhea resolves.”

Paynter also had an “intermittent low-grade fever” and “continues to be treated aggressively,” the Zayats said. Read the rest >>

What this report doesn’t tell you about is the other aggressive treatment Paynter is receiving, and that is prayer.

I do not think it would be overestimating to say, based on what I have read consistently on social media, that Paynter has been prayed for non stop around the clock virtually from the day he was reported to have colitis.

An interesting item relating to Paynter’s earth bound treatment is the application of ice baths for symptoms of post-colitis laminitis he is said to have developed in three of his four feet not long after he was reported to be rallying and overcoming symptoms of colitis.

Fran Jurga writes on her hoofcare blog:

The prognosis for horses suffering from colitis is grim. Acute post-colitis laminitis can be especially sudden and severe and bears little resemblance to laminitis seen in otherwise healthy horses.

As described by Mark Andrews MRCVS in Equine Science Update,

    “One treatment that (Dr. Chris) Pollitt has shown to be effective in preventing laminitis is cryotherapy, using iced water….

    “‘It is important that the ice water comes up to just below the knee. If only the foot is cooled laminitis still occurs.'”

In a picture of Paytner tweeted by a member of the Zayat family, it appears — as Jurga points out — that the colt is wearing “ice boots on his legs”.

See more >>

3 thoughts on “Paynter ‘walking comfortably’”

  1. So Happy To Hear This News , Paynter , my Prayers are with you beautiful Boy, i pray that you have a speedy uncomplicated recovery ….


  2. Nothing is guaranteed with any recovery. Whatever happens, if Paynter lives, he needs to be removed from track life completely. I hope the owners are ready to find Paynter a permanent, loving home with the resources for future medical care by the right team. He earned that a while ago and it is his due.

    If anyone in racing thinks this horse can live the track life again, I hope it can be made clear that any consideration of racing or any demanding work is out of the question.

    If Paynter never earns another nickel, he earned a safe, permanent retirement.


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