Oreo the Reluctant Central Park Carriage Horse

Oreo the reluctant NYC carriage horse traded to the Yankees

Following the trail of Oreo, the reluctant Manhattan carriage horse, who has now been traded to the Yankees

Oreo the Reluctant Central Park Carriage Horse
Oreo, the reluctant NYC carriage horse, who bolted and was subdued by Police, was taken off the streets by his owner and sent to Blue Star Equiculture, a draft horse rescue. Oreo has now been traded to the wife of the President of the New York Yankees. The adorable rogue, shown here in his Manhattan stable before he left town, will now be called Orion.

The New York Post reports:

MINDY LEVINE, a longtime animal-rights activist and wife of Yankee president Randy Levine, is adopting Oreo, the endearing brown-and-white carriage horse that made headlines last month by making a run for it in Columbus Circle.

Activists who want to banish the carriage-horse industry from Central Park immediately pounced on the incident, which left his driver and two passengers spilled to the ground, as further evidence that working horses don’t belong in congested urban settings.

But Mindy Levine said she isn’t trying to make a statement, just save a horse.

“I love animals,” she said. “I don’t like fighting. When people fight, animals suffer.”

Oreo is currently living at Blue Star Equiculture, a horse sanctuary outside Springfield, Mass., where he’s receiving what amounts to psychological counseling. Physically, he’s fine.

“He just needs help understanding noises,” explained Pamela Rickenbach, who runs the non-profit operation. “He’s really smart — which got him into trouble in the first place. He really does think a lot.”

Rickenbach said Oreo won’t be put out to pasture at the Levines’ farm, which already has two other horses and five dogs.

“The draft breed needs exercise as part of their care protocol,” she said. “They really need homes that understand their special needs.”

Mindy Levine appears ready to do whatever’s necessary to pamper the newest member of the Yankee family.

“I’ll have a trainer working with him,” she said. “We’re going to find out what makes him happy. We’re going to keep him busy.” Along with a fresh start Oreo’s going to get a new name — Orion, in honor of the Yankees’ Universe Fund for pediatric cancer research.


I love the way these ladies think and work. Thank you Mindy Levine. Thank you Pamela Rickenbach and Blue Star Equiculture. –Ed.


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8 thoughts on “Oreo the reluctant NYC carriage horse traded to the Yankees”

  1. Such a wonderful ending to this beautiful animal… Here’s to all the other loving beauties trapped under an antiquated system with too few laws protecting them.


  2. My heart is celebrating for Orion! Mindy is an awesome lady and now this beautiful horse can enjoy living the rest of his life….the pictures where he was down on the street made me hurt for him as I am sure he was both scared and feeling threatened as well as banged up an bruised…I love my horses and it makes me mad when people think horses do not think, feel and are smarter than us…they truly are God’s gift and I send my prayers for Orion:) God Bless:)


  3. I only hope the same happy ending could take place for all the other carriage horses. This is great news. A home run for Orion.


  4. Ahhh…he’s beautiful…we’re big Yankee fans, and this makes me even more proud!! Glad his new name will be associated with such a worthy cause, as pediatric cancer research!!


  5. So absolutely Happy Orion new name for Oreo, this Lady knows her stuff, just as people horses need to be understood… by their Owner each Horse is unique and has their own needs , this lady will find all of this out they will now compliment each other , doing a Happy dance for Oreo, Orion…………..


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