Wild Horses of Camarague nr Arles, France. Image (c) Marco Carmassi.

Magnificence: Horses of Camargue (images)

Whether you consider Sunday the beginning of your week, or the end of it, there are few better ways to celebrate either way than gazing upon the magnificence of The Horse, especially roaming wild and free.

So, to calm our souls, let’s relax a bit and take a look at these wonders.

These images are from the Daily Mail (England) newspaper online (and I am paraphrasing as well as directly quoting):

    Italian photographer Marco Carmassi visited the Natural Park of Camargue near Arles in southern France specifically to shoot the reknown wild horses who live there, and after two days of fruitless searching he was directed to a spot by a man who lives in the park.

    Waiting there for hours, he started to lose hope until he spotted about a dozen horses in the distance.

    Carmassi says: ‘To have the chance to shoot these wonderful creatures was incredible.

    ‘I fully enjoyed the special moment and I could have stayed there for months photographing them – I’m very proud of the shots.’

Here are three to get you started. There is a link below the slideshow. You must go see them there. The images are huge; take up the whole screen. Plus there are more. Enjoy, and thank you for visiting with us at Tuesday’s Horse.

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3 thoughts on “Magnificence: Horses of Camargue (images)”

  1. I am so glad you enjoyed this post. It certainly elevated my soul to appreciate God’s glorious creation, of which the horse is a majestic centerpiece.


  2. Horses never stop enriching my very soul, their amazing beauty , their confidence, pride , trust endearment strength and all hat is good decent is so very apparent , all one needs is to look at the horse and be healed body and soul, they represent everything that is innocent and true, the horse also represents the Freedom in which we all hold ever so tightly ,is so ever present at just one small glance, I find perfection personified in the Horse, his gifts to us must not be compromised by greedy , oblivious minds that cant see past the dollar signs…………………………… The Horse is without question the Greatest gift of love and understanding we will ever receive……………..


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