ROY EXUM. Source image.

Soring: Horses, The World and Us by Roy Exum

ROY EXUM. Source image.
ROY EXUM. Source image.

Readers of Tuesday’s Horse will by now know the name of Roy Exum, writing for The Chattanoogan, about the super hot horse soring issue.

Exum writes another excellent piece, this time about the upcoming sentencing of the serially villainous Jackie McConnell, caught on tape soring and beating Tennessee Walking horses.

I love this bit, but be sure to read the whole article when you have time.

Jackie McConnell is a Big Lick villain. Oh, there are others still enmeshed in the twisted Shelbyville hierarchy who are just as bad but, as McConnell’s 30 years of abuse have come to light, international horse groups are gasping why Tennesseans have done nothing to curb a wide pattern of constant and continued abuse. And when they heard that Jackie and his wife just sponsored a victory trophy at the Tennessee Walking Horse World Celebration just two weeks ago, the hypocrisy and loathing for the Big Lick hierarchy ramped up to its highest point of the summer.

So the cry comes and it is loud; why do people in Tennessee hurt their horses? Around the world, a horse is the most sacred of all animals. A cow or a pig or a donkey is mere livestock, a cat or a dog just a pet. But a horse has been man’s most prized companion for centuries and, just now, as a small but potent cancer called the “Big Lick” is actually threatening the entire Tennessee Walking Horse breed, I can tell you that every international equine authority and publication is watching McConnell’s Chattanooga appearance in the same way they might regard a poisonous and hissing snake.

There is much more, including the (not to us) shocking revelation of a paid veterinarian mouthpiece and a Tennessee politician benefiting from a fundraiser put on by “Big Lickers” during National Celebration.

Even more shameful, how about all the citations handed out during National Celebration plus follow ups on tips taken from the HSUS hotline and not one arrestmade. Tennessee authorities say “it’s a federal thing”.

What a lame excuse and cowardly display by law enforcement who are paid by taxpayers to uphold the law. Animal abuse is a crime no matter how and when it occurs last time I looked.

The world is watching, and right now Tennessee you are the shame of it to all horse lovers around the globe.

Read full Roy Exum article >>


Skip Hynes from Arkansas feels he has a solution, and he may be right. ” . . . .change the judging rules. Stop awarding the biggest lick with the biggest prizes. That’s the heart of the problem.” Read more >>

2 thoughts on “Soring: Horses, The World and Us by Roy Exum”

  1. The Walking Horse show people have been doing this for so long that they regard it as some kind of “right” that no one has a right to interfere with. What a twisted way of thinking! Personally, I think the Big Lick looks like the horse has serious neurological problems. How did this horrid practice ever get started in the firs place?


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