Pryor wild horse Kyber loaded following adoption. The Cloud Foundation.

All 45 Pryor wild horses adopted out

Pryor wild horse Kybir loaded following adoption. The Cloud Foundation.
Roger Burkowski, a new friend to TCF, drove all the way from Mountain Home, Texas (with his friend Walt) to adopt the spectacular coyote dun two year-old Kybir. Seen here, the well-behaved Kybir loaded right up.

While there are back-slapping reports going around about the BLM’s successful placement of all 45 Pryor wild horses and foals put on display from a Pryor Mountains roundup via bait trap, these adoptions would not have occurred the way they did without the hard work, organization and determination of Ginger Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation and loyal wild horse supporters and adopters.

Here’s one report from the Billings Gazette which does not overdo it that will give you a bit of background in case you have missed what has been going on:

All 38 of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range’s adult wild horses and seven foals were adopted out on Saturday. The horses were trapped over a six-week period by Bureau of Land Management staff.

“Really, this entire operation of selective removal through baiting is unprecedented for the BLM,” said Jared Bybee, wild horse specialist. “We actually gathered and handled about 150 wild horses without injuries or incidents involving the wild horses, the public, or BLM staff.”


As heart stopping as this roundup must have been for Kathrens, The Cloud Foundation and their loyal supporters, it does show that taking wild horses and burros off the range can be done considerably more humanely than with those horrible helicopters. Kathrens also demonstrates how to work with those you may not agree with and get the right result for the horses. Well done all.

5 thoughts on “All 45 Pryor wild horses adopted out”

  1. Met Roger and Kyber in Anna Ohio on the night of May 4th as he was fuelling up and looking for a place to take a nap on their trip to Tennessee and actually went to my house to get Kyber a fresh bucket of water. I must say they’re a great pair and Kyber is absolutely beautiful! Roger is a super nice gentleman and let me bring my daughter Daisy Barker who’s been with the Horse and Rider 4H group in Shelby County Ohio going on her 3rd year and absolutely loves mustangs. So Roger if you read this thank you again for that and God bless you sir! It was an honor and privilege to meet you and Kyber.


  2. Thank you for the great post, and thank you Ginger and all your helpers, sounds like you could teach the BLM several things, Adopted out yeah…………


  3. BRAVO BRAVO Ginger and the Cloud Foundation, and all who helped these awesome Beautiful Mustangs to get homes !!!!!! Thank You All !!!!!!What awesome News !!!!!!!


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