Jackie McConnell winning on Santana in the 90's. Tennesseean File Photo.

Both sides file memos in McConnell Walking Horse abuse sentencing


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Jackie McConnell winning on Santana in the 90's. Tennesseean File Photo.
Santana, ridden by Jackie McConnell, won the Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Championship in the late 1990s. A Humane Society video showing horse abuse was filmed in McConnell’s barn.

Hall reports:

Supporters of Tennessee Walking Horse abuser Jackie McConnell contend his personality can’t be summed up in a short video of him beating and soring a horse, and his sentencing should reflect his lifetime of helping others.

Several of his friends are cited in a sentencing memorandum filed today in U.S. District Court in Chattanooga, where McConnell faces a judge Tuesday to learn if his agreement of probation will be accepted.

“I can’t think of one time when I saw him act in a manner unbecoming of a gentleman”, attorney Tom Greenholtz stated to the newspaper.

Prosecutors for the case “filed a memorandum saying the sentencing guidelines aren’t strong enough to address McConnell’s crime, and trial finding of guilt almost certainly would result in probation anyway.”

Hall further reports that the prosecution’s sentencing memorandum stated McConnell’s net worth is in the region of $2.2 million and hinted McConnell may help convict other horse sorers. Read full report >>

Soring is a cruel and abusive practice used to accentuate a horse’s gait in a freakishly high manner by intentionally inflicting pain to the hooves and forelegs.


Jackie McConnell offered probation in Walking Horse abuse plea deal; The Tennessean; by Duane Gang; May 22, 2012 (includes HSUS video)

— See also Tennessee Walking Horse Industry SPECIAL REPORT by The Tennessean

9 thoughts on “Both sides file memos in McConnell Walking Horse abuse sentencing”

  1. People thought my father was a Wonderful man too…never knowing the beatings and cursings he gave to his wife and children. I hope this man is severely punished for his cruelty to horses. He only puts in his “public” nice face to protect His job and His image. He doesnt give a damn about anything else. What goes on when no one is looking…shows the TRUE character of the man. Thank God he was caught.


  2. McConnell doesn’t have any morals when he can torture an innocent and trusting animal. He made all his 2.2 million by abusing horses and laughing about it. As for him always acting like a gentleman…gentleman don’t make money causing severe physical and mental anguish to another living creature. The man think of nobody but himself and his money. Put his butt in jail.


  3. I’m a member of the Humane Society. I saw the video this morning of the abuse that is inflicted upon these horses. Please don’t tell me that this man is a “nice” man. Anyone that would do that to a horse should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    I’ve contacted my Congressman, my senators and a number of friends to stand up for the horses. This is simply not someone that should be anywhere near horses or to own them.


    1. Donna….he has no morals…or heart…to do what he has done to horses. Would you defend Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy?? They were “very nice” too….but abused animals privately. This man IS being judged appropriately and probably not harshly enough….especially not as harshly as he treated his animals. I hope hes made to pay…and pay BIG.


  4. There have been testimonies that O’Connell, has been seen as a highly respected citizen, helping many, and instelling good morels.
    I ask you – is O’Connell on trial for his citizenship in is community, or being accused of extreme horse abuse, and soring, the two should not be intermingled, or confused.
    The accuser’s of O’Connel need to become more aggressive, and contiving as their opponents.
    How much more abuse do these athletes, (horses) have to take.
    The way I see it, justice will never prevail, when it comes to accusing guilty parties of soring and horse abuse in this arena of the “Big Lick.”


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