Jackie McConnell (R) leaving federal Court re horse soring case. Image by DougStrickland.

Senator who introduced Horse Protection Act attending McConnell Hearing

Jackie McConnell (R) leaving federal Court re horse soring case. Image by DougStrickland.
Horse trainer Jackie McConnell, right, leaves the Joel W. Solomon Federal Courthouse downtown with his attorney Hugh Moore after a hearing in federal court. McConnell has been indicted for 52 counts of violations of the Horse Protection Act for horse soring and other acts of cruelty. McConnell is back in Court on Sept. 28 for a Sentencing Hearing.

The U.S. senator who introduced the federal Horse Protection Act and the director of equine protection for the Humane Society of the United States are among those attending a sentencing for horse trainer Jackie McConnell in Chattanooga this Tuesday, reports The Chattanoogan.

Former Senator Joseph Tydings and Keith Dane will take part in a press conference afterward.

The sentencing is set before Federal Judge Sandy Mattice at 2 p.m. in the large courtroom on the third floor of the Federal Building.

We are awaiting the outcome.

This is not the only Hearing connected to McConnell’s flagrant soring and other cruel practices committed against Tennessee Walking Horses, revealed in an undercover video by HSUS that led to the charges against him.

McConnell’s court date on state charges relateding to the same incidents remains on Sept. 25 in Fayette County General Sessions Court reports The Tennessean.

3 thoughts on “Senator who introduced Horse Protection Act attending McConnell Hearing”

  1. whats next give the child molesters the keys to the daycare?? the feds are all losing their minds. if we did that to the cowswe would get put so far in a federal prison that we would be sending mail out by cock roach.


  2. It’s not over! We can write letters to Judge Mike Whitaker, he will be hearing the state case against Jackie Mcconnell on SEPT. 25, 2012 in Fayette county. 15 counts of animal cruelty, it’s up to the judge, to give him jail time, not the federal guidelines.Write Judge Mike Whitaker, PO Box 670, Somerville, TN 38068. Tell him how you feel.


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