Two healthy mules killed and stuffed to make an art exhibit. Photo: Facebook.

Lubbock museum kills and stuffs two mules for art exhibit

Two healthy mules were killed and stuffed to make make an art exhibit. Facebook image.
According to the Facebook caption on this image, these two healthy mules were bought, killed and stuffed to make an art exhibit at the American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas. Photo: Facebook.

The American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas, killed two healthy mules and had them stuffed to a make a “more realistic” farm display in an art exhibit.


LUBBOCK, Texas — A West Texas museum has purchased two old mules and euthanized them for a farm display.

The American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock says in a statement that the two mules were purchased from a local horse and mule trader after a long search for already preserved animals came up empty.

One mule was 28 years old. The other was 32.

The mules were euthanized and will eventually be put on display.

Museum officials say the mules would have otherwise been transported to Mexico and slaughtered.

Responding to criticism over the move, the museum said in the statement released Monday that the real animals will allow visitors to get a more accurate picture of how mules are used in the field.


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9 thoughts on “Lubbock museum kills and stuffs two mules for art exhibit”

  1. I cannot say it better than Mots did. Just want to add, my late father used to drive two mules “Jack’ & ‘Queenie” on his family farm. He told me they had personalities & were very cute & funny.At the end of every row they’d try to head back to the barn! They were DONE! The mules the museum murdered were beautiful & I’m not sure I even believe the ages they gave them. Please boycott this museum. How sad for this town to get a nice place & have it ruined this way.Why not have a LIVING museum so kids could see REAL farm life? RIP those innocent creatures.


    1. It’s kind of scarry that we have animals help us throughout our life…but when they get old we just kill them…is that what will happen to us as we get older? The easy answer is that these are “animals” and we are “people”…but that’s my point…our animals give to us unconditionally…if someone can just throw them away after they give everything to us…well…


  2. Couldn’t the money that was spent killing these mules be given to someone…a sculptor, artist etc. to recreate a mule? That would have spared two of God’s beautiful creatures and given a human being money to buy food etc. How sad…RIP beautiful mules and please forgive humans for being so heartless…


  3. I am from Lubbock and this is horrible. Once the museum got wind of the growing descent they bulled their way to get it done ASAP, then they put a spin on it for the media. The mules were trained and in good shape, and people who saw them said they didnt look old or 28-32 as the “spin” release said. Non of the local/area/state vets or mule/horse clubs said they had been contacted by the museum looking for mules that were going to be put down, to have mounted.The museum gets tax dollars and is a charitable organization, and they did this! Contact the Texas State Atty generals office and as for an investigation into this so called “charitable orgaization”. They had the opportunity to stop before they put the mules down, and they didnt! And so far No appoligies and no one has lost their job , or resigned!


  4. There’s something seriously demented about killing live animals to make fake animals. Those who approved this need their heads examined.


  5. Makes my stomach sick….oh my this is barbic…this is life and these mules had life and health…all creatures want to live….how awful….stupid and I hope this dumb dang museum fails! They will reap what they caused the Mules….what comes around goes around…yep.


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