Horse on his way to slaughter. Google image.

Christie signs bill into law banning horse slaughter in NJ

Horse on his way to slaughter. Google image.
Horse on his way to slaughter. NJ Governor Christie signs bill into law that not only bans horse slaughter for human consumption, but also forbids the transport of horses to slaughter through the State, shutting off a major route to slaughterhouses in Canada. Google image.

TRENTON—New Jersey enacted a measure to prohibit the slaughter of horses for human consumption. The new law also bans the transport of horses to slaughter, as well as the sale and transport of horse meat for human consumption.

Introduced by Assemblyman Ronald Dancer (R-Cream Ridge) and Sen. Raymond J. Lesniak (D-Elizabeth), A.2023/S.1976 makes it illegal to slaughter horses for human consumption, prohibits the sale of horse meat, and bans the transport of horse meat or live horses for the purpose of slaughter.


16 thoughts on “Christie signs bill into law banning horse slaughter in NJ”

  1. This is good news. We still need to see the text of the legislation though to see just how much protection it offers. I suspect this only applies to the opening of slaughter houses in NJ. And that is fine. If it banned the selling of horses to kill buyers and transporting them to foreign countries to be slaughtered that would be better.

    The most significant part of this is it is establishing precedent that Americans do not want horses slaughtered for human consumption in this country. Should the funding of USDA inspectors ever come up again for a vote Congress would have to look to states i.e. NJ, Calf., Texas and a few others that have already banned the killing of horses for human consumption before making their decision on a national level.

    God bless you Gov. Christie!


  2. Calif signed a bill just like this several years ago and it didn’t stop the slaughter buyers at all. If it is not enforced it’s worthless. Calif auctions are full of horses being bought by Killer buyers. It would help if all states had a ban like this it might discourage some of this cruelty but I doubt it. According to one of the TB rescues in Southern Calif they see truck loads of horses sold for slaughter twice a month but they can’t rescue all of them.


  3. Re Frank and Monica Carper, Camelot Auction sells to slaughter and is notorious for abuse. Let’s hope this severly injures his income and/or closes him down for good. Any updates re Carper, pls post. Thanks!


  4. Wow! Good news, I think! What are all the ramifications? Does anyone have the complete text of the bill? More information, please!


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