Giddy up, horse meat is coming to Queens

UPDATE: Protest Saturday!

“Giddy up, horse meat is coming to Queens,” states a post on the Gothamist.

Raw Horse Meat. Image via Wikipedia.
Raw Horse Meat. Image via Wikipedia.

The all-things-New-York-City blog reports that “Canadian Long Island City diner M. Wells is coming back to us with this week’s opening of M. Wells Dinette inside MoMA PS 1“.

One of the feature attractions Chef Hugue Dufour plans to have on the menu is “horse tartare” or raw horse meat.

The Gothamist states:

When we called the restaurant to double check that fact — because, horse meat — we were told that yes, they would eventually be serving horse but that it wasn’t going to be happening just yet. Further, they told us it wasn’t a priority. But still, you say, isn’t it illegal to eat horses?

No, it is not illegal to eat horse meat. A lot of people think it is, but it is not. An Indiana pizza shop sells horse meat pizza when the Colts play in the Super Bowl. However, instances like this are aberrations as Americans do not typically eat horse meat, and there is very little to no market for it.

Where will the horse meat come from? “They say the horses will be American horses slaughtered in Canada,” the restauranteurs tell the Gothamist.

Well, there is no guarantee the meat that the restaurant buys from Canada will be from American horses, but there is a 60% chance according reported slaughter statistics.

MoMA PS1 has been affiliated with MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) since January 2000. What the highly-esteemed MoMA or MoMA PS1 are thinking makes you wonder. Perhaps they do not know or even care, but the backlash is bound to be considerable. And it will not be from “Peta-types” as the Gothamist smugly puts it. Remember the Top Chef Canada incident?

Since their original restaurant folded about a year from opening, Hugue Dufour and co-owner Sarah Obraitis “have hosted pop-up food stands at MoMA PS1 while preparing to open new restaurants,” states In May M. Wells served horse meat bologna and foie gras grilled cheese (pictures at link) at the 2012 Great Googa Mooga Festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

There is a big difference between serving horse meat at food stands where you are a moving target (so to speak) and doing so at a fixed location in a high profile museum setting.

M. Wells Dinette opens at MoMA PS1 September 27.

Contact information for MoMA PS1 >>

Contact information for MoMA >>

48 thoughts on “Giddy up, horse meat is coming to Queens”

  1. So many drugs in the horses that are toxic to humans, besides the pain and suffering these horses endure! Theses are companion animals!! We can only hope that at some point this horrendous practice stops!!


    1. The lack of sensitivity to the suffering slaughter horses endure, on the way to and during the killing, and the lack of gratitude astounds me. Look around you. You would have nothing that you see if it were not for the horse. Civilization was born on the back of a horse. No other animal has contributed so much to so many, and still willingly to serve even when being cruelly treated. Have Americans totally lost every ounce of compassion, the type of caring and consideration that once made the country great?


  2. My prediction is IF that restaurant ever serves horse meat (which is doubtful) they will have more trouble than they can handle………a smart lawyer would also be advised to stand outside the restaurant and hand out their business cards regarding filing lawsuits against the restaurant for serving drug and additive TAINTED horsemeat to the patrons and that since they just ate cancer, aplastic anemia, and other illnesses causing horse meat, chances are they will have a LAWSUIT against the restaurant who knowingly SOLD it to them. The restaurant might re-think their plan, however, I doubt it will even get that far because there are a lot of hurdles to overcome that I don’t think they will be up to the challenge…..just a gimmick is all it is…..hope they have good INSURANCE though and that their insurance company knows (and insurance companies are NOT in the business to issue insurance for risks like this…..we’ve been in the insurance business for 30 years and this is a potentially high loss risk) they’ll be selling tainted food and that lawsuits are in their future most likely……there are some really vile creatures out there that masquerade as humans……


    1. M. Wells have been serving horse meat already. They supposedly get it from Canada. CFIA has a horrific track record for complying with EU regulations via the Equine Information Document program, thus not keeping tainted horse meat off the market. This is well documented, so yes, you are right, it is a serious liability.

      Who would want to eat in a restaurant like this? Only the foolish in our opinion.

      Here is an article with pictures of the horse meat M. Wells chefs were cooking and selling at an outdoor festival in Brooklyn earlier this year.


  3. Not a wise move.I very strongly recomend you reconsider. We “DO NOT” Eat horses in this country,PERIOD. Of course you are free to do what you want.BUT,so am i.Any city anywhere that puts Horse on there menu,i can promise u you will regret it


  4. Americans love horses and will not eat them for dinner. The meat is toxic as it states on all of my horses medicine it says not for human consumption. So go ahead and eat it and see what happens to you down the road! Horses are not raised for food!!!


  5. Ridiculous. Looks like a weak, sick propaganda trick to get publicity. Gothamist, why don’t you just plaster ”raw dog”, ”raw cat”, or even ”raw human”, which would really get attention.


    1. Gothamist definitely pumped up the volume on this, but no propaganda here. A highbrow online gallery news site confirmed horse meat will be served at M. Wells Dinette at MoMA PS1 (so did one of our volunteers). However, GalleristNY mentioned it as an aside, not as the main theme of the article. See The restaurant we hear are loving the publicity… that may be short lived.


  6. You should slice up one of your horses, make sure they are alive when you do this, so that they feel all the pain, then go ahead and enjoy the meat, eat it raw. Have a nice day.


  7. It is not just bute that shows up in the meat… wormers which are labled “NOT to be used in animals for human consumption” I see many law suits in the near future. Just because your horse’s never had Bute makes eating all horse meat safe? LOL!! I can go on but you cant fix ignorant, you’s will always have another stupid last word.


  8. yeah, i love all the cries about bute. how many of you who are going ‘but..but..but.. the BUTE!’ are swilling a rockstar right now? or have eaten at any fast food joint, drank alcohol, drink energy beverages on a regular basis, and so on. hypocrites! oh, and the fact that the EU has caught meat tainted with bute prove that the testing works.. and let us not forget the numerous food recalls that we live with on a daily basis?


    1. One in over 1000 is properly tested for bute contamination. Not a very safe statistic when American horses with few exception have been given this in their lifetime. Blood tests are NOT proper testing for consumption, only for racing. The liver must be tested for residue in the meat. This is done as I stated rarely. This means for everyone found, over a 1000 can get through. I don’t call that safe dining and think most rational folks wouldn’t. Horse slaughter is the ONLY meat not properly regulated for medications given that are BANNED from meat for consumption in this country. Yet pro horse slaughter folks seem to think they have the right to risk other people’s health for their profit. Kind of says a book about their character doesn’t it?


      1. Thank you Beverly. You summed it up nicely, and based on facts not opinions.

        As for the other pro horse meat comments, horses are not traditional food animals. The fact that horses are categorized as livestock is a tax issue not a cultural one. There is a long list of drugs banned for food animals that are given to horses in their lifetimes. This is no hysteria.

        In the meantime, meat is on the way out. Fewer and fewer people eat it every day. Good for them. As the latest health campaign on the dangers eating any meat puts it: “Meat is the New Tobacco”. So you are the ones who are putting the huge burden on the US healthcare system.


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