Hugue Dufour of M. Wells Dinette NY. Photo by Food Network Canada.

Canadian chef determined to serve horse meat in NY

This past Saturday, a group of dedicated activists (see photos on Facebook) gathered at MoMA PS1 (Museum of Modern Art) in Long Island City, Queens, New York, in protest of the museum’s new restaurant tenant, M. Wells Dinette, and its intention to serve horse meat.

Hugue Dufour of M. Wells Dinette NY. Photo by Food Network Canada.
Hugue Dufour of recently re-opened restaurant M. Wells at MoMA PS1 in Queens, NY, is not phased by protests against his plan to serve horse meat.

Other than the nuisance factor, the protest made little impression on French-Canadian chef Hugue Dufour, who re-opened M. Wells with wife and partner Sarah Obraitis, on September 27, 2012. Dufour is not changing his mind about serving horse meat, and sees absolutely no reason to take it off the menu. Earlier this year, the M. Wells crew served horse meat in a grilled sandwich at a popular Brooklyn outdoor festival. Dufour, who hails from Montreal, appeared on Canada’s Food Network television show “The Wild Chef”, the same network that featured horse meat in an episode of “Top Chef Canada“.

The people connected with M. Wells seem totally unperturbed about the carcinogenic toxins proven present in horse meat, and the potential risks it poses to public health. The restaurant’s menu is heavy on the meat, especially offal serving dishes made with foie gras and marrow. Taking that into consideration, it is therefore highly unlikely anyone at M. Wells is concerned about the horrors of horse slaughter or what any animal endures in order to end up on one of their plates.

Well, the protesting is far from over. Neither is educating the public.

We are holding two outdoor events in New York; one in Times Square and the other at MoMA PS1 during the last two weeks in October. Please help with a donation — large or small it is all highly valuable — to put this show on the road and give a powerful voice on behalf of horses.

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30 thoughts on “Canadian chef determined to serve horse meat in NY”

  1. I sincerely hope that people get sick on the meat and sue the —- out of that arrogant, presumptuous museum. The art isn’t even worth seeing……PLEASE write to the museum and complain, too!


  2. Hope he goes bankrupt and then goes back to canada, its sad for the people of canada aslo to eat horse meat. He could STILL get rich on a wonderful pasta dish, only looking at the money and he wants to be a star on tv puke.


  3. Go back to Canada and sell your horsemeat. Americans love horses and will not eat them for dinner. I would not set foot in your restaurant nor my friends won;t either!!! All of the horse people and there are lots of us will stay clear of you.




  5. “He [the chef] should trend in life, not death.”

    Very well put. I’d like to use the sentence in my posts if OK.


  6. My name is Kay Riviello, Co-founder of New York Animal Rights Alliance America. We will host a HUGE PROTEST on OCTOBER 27TH, 2012 at MoMA PS 1. Please feel free to contact me 845 856 7366 for further information and see our protest post-out and boycott notice on Facebook.


    1. You are part of that great majority Heather who are against horse slaughter. Funny, when Dufour started out as a sous chef he was responsible for vegetable preparation, so it isn’t like he doesn’t know how. Just looking for notoriety to launch a big career. Vegan is where it’s at; animal products declining in popularity every day. He should trend in life, not death.


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