MoMA PS1 M Wells Diner Petition. Artwork: Tuesday's Horse.

Petition against horse meat at MoMA PS1’s M.Wells Dinette

BREAKING NEWS: M. Wells Dinette issues a statement saying that horse meat is off the menu. Full report Friday right here on Tuesday’s Horse.

MoMA PS1 (Museum of Modern Art) in Long Island City in the New York Borough of Queens have leased a space to M. Wells Dinette who intend to serve horse meat among the offal and other animal parts.

This has caused disgust and outrage among horse lovers, particularly those opposed to horse slaughter for human consumption.

Please sign this Petition protesting horse meat at MoMA PS1’s M. Wells Dinette. Thank you.


An Art in the Air post on the M. Wells diner says:

Their new hardware includes a kitchen sink from a hospital psych ward, a sushi display case that Dufour will use to grind the meat to make his horse steak tartare, elementary school-inspired tables and seating befitting PS1’s former function, and a 30-gallon braising pan that could boil an entire school of lobsters — “I’d say about 40,” Dufour guesstimates — at once.

Other fare at M. Wells includes foie gras (New York may be banning that soon for human health reasons), marrow, escargot and calf brains.


Canadian chef determined to serve horse meat in NY; Tuesday’s Horse; Oct. 2, 2012

Horse meat protest at MoMA PS1 set for Saturday; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept. 28, 2012

Giddy up, horse meat is coming to Queens; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept. 25, 2012

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