Question Marks. Tuesday's Horse image.

Florida man caught having sex with horses again

Question Marks. Tuesday's Horse image.

I remember the first time I heard about men having sexual intercourse with horses.

A Sheriff from Washington State called the Fund for Horses some years ago to ask if it was considered animal cruelty to have sex with a horses.

Um, that would be called bestiality and you will have to check local Statutes to see what it says about that, I replied, but yes, it would definitely be considered abuse.

Not satisfied, the Sheriff asked if it is considered rape, could they arrest the man on animal cruelty as an act of violence? Rape is a violent act, and since a horse cannot refuse or give consent, I hesitated . . . . you can say the conversation went downhill from there. It is not the type of call you expect to get, no matter how long you have been involved in horse protection.

In the Washington State case, it was a group of men who were having intercourse with local mares as part of a “spiritual ritual”, they claimed. All were arrested, charged and fined. And yes, they were caught repeating the same offenses about a year later.

In the Florida case, it is a single individual who was previously arrested and charged, and has now reportedly been caught at it again.

ANDY CAMPBELL, writing for the Huffington Post, writes:

A horse owner in Florida shook his head when he told a reporter he wasn’t surprised to learn that the man who had sex with his horses in 2010 came back.

Sunday marks Patrick Louis Linn’s second time getting arrested on the Tallahassee property, accused of sneaking in and sexually abusing horses, according to WTSP. This time, he was allegedly caught having sex with Sunny.

“I had a feeling he’d be back because I believe it’s a compulsion type thing with him,” said Sunny’s owner, Allen McDearmid. “I don’t … I just … it’s bad.”

McDearmid said he knew something bad had happened when he noticed lubricant on the barn floor near Sunny’s stall. Sunny had been cleaned, but neither McDearmid nor his wife had cleaned the horse that day, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Continue reading >>

As unpleasant as this is to report, if you have this type of activity going on in your area, please make sure your horses are secure and report anything suspicious. This is sick thinking that will only progress if not stopped, and the next victim may not be an equine.

Note: If you are commenting on this post, please keep it clean, and no name calling or other violent language . . . please.

13 thoughts on “Florida man caught having sex with horses again”

  1. This is a different man that got injured and kicked last year by doing this act to a mare, he had a couple men with him, what a sick bunch, poor mare.


    1. Indecent piece of Human garbage !!!!! Should have also received a nice big nasty disease, the incurable kind !!!!!


  2. Key word here is AGAIN????????? Should have been handled First time, this is a sick man who needs to be helped, why was he back at the same Place of the first incident ????????//// In fact ?????? Why would the owners ever allow him within miles of their INNOCENT Horse??????????????????????/


  3. I remember as a kid, the cowboy heros of the black and white movies who refused to kiss a woman and only kissed their horse. People giggled as they extrapolated from that.


  4. WTF is it with “mankind”, women included…the deviance of these acts make me a believer that we are spawn from the devil, if in fact the devil, exists. Apparently a human one does, is there any other creature that lives on this earth that commits such crimes against others?


  5. Well…as long as it’s sex with mares…..and the horses consent….where’s Lorena Bobbitt when we need her? Sick….


    1. I have a very sweet pitbull that had been badly beaten by a man before I rescued her; we don’t need Lorena B. around here when we have our Brindle girl to take care of men who get out of line and act like freaks! lol


  6. Hmm, he’d only sneak onto my property one time but wouldn’t return after I and my dogs got done with him; seriously, kinda difficult to have intercourse with anyone or anything when you don’t have a penis anymore…..


    1. Serve it up in a bun … you know the rest. Hey, I bet they would serve it up at M. Wells with a side of horse meat. MoMA PS1 would probably call it “art”.


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