Bucking Bronco, Reno Rodeo by (c) John_Schreiber / RGJ

New video of horse shocking at Reno Rodeo

Bucking Bronco, Reno Rodeo by (c) John_Schreiber / RGJ
PHOTO CREDIT: (c) JOHN SCHREIBER / Reno Gazette-Journal.
Zach Curran of Arvada, Colo. tries to hold onto his horse “Ragidy Ann” out of the chute during the bareback bronc riding competition at the Reno Rodeo Thursday, June 25, 2009.


Cross-posted from the Reno Gazette-Journal

The group SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness, or SHARK, has released another video about shocking of horses at the Reno Rodeo.

You may remember this passage from the original post about horse shocking at the 2012 event:

[Rodeo spokesman Steve] Schroeder wouldn’t name the person [seen shocking horses in the undercover video] but said, “He will no longer be invited to the Reno Rodeo and won’t be allowed on the grounds.”

The shocker was identified as working for the livestock subcontractor Big Bend/Flying Five Rodeo Co., which couldn’t be reached for comment.

Schroeder expects that person and the subcontractor to be fined.

SHARK says it has tracked down this person, which the group identified as Donny Castle. It says he was employed by the main provider of livestock to the Reno Rodeo, Flying U, run by Reno and Cotton Rosser (yes, their first names are Reno and Cotton).

The SHARK video says:

Donny Castle doesn’t work for an obscure subcontractor from Washington state who won’t be invited back to the Reno Rodeo. Donny Castle works for the Rossers, the stock contractor of record for the Reno Rodeo. So did the Rossers lie to the Reno Rodeo committee or was the committee involved in the coverup? The way to tell will be if Reno and Cotton Rosser and are back in Reno in 2013. If they are, then the Reno Rodeo committee’s investigation was a hoax. My bet is that the Rossers will be in Reno in 2013.

The video also claims more people than just Castle shocked horses at the 2012 Reno Rodeo and that at least one judge knew it was happening. It gives footage that it says proves this.

Watch the new video here:

Read full report >>

9 thoughts on “New video of horse shocking at Reno Rodeo”

  1. How sick! I live near a rodeo and I HATE it!! I went once and left feeling that the horses and cows were treated badly. One little calf broke its leg. I will NEVER support this supposed sport. Its a disgrace and criminal.


  2. Lisa L. your comment MUST be reposted!!! Send to the papers in that area…hell send it to ALL the papers. I can’t even watch this yet, especially that it’s close to bedtime….as I like many of you have lost A LOT of sleep over what continues to be done to horses – right across the board!
    Yes, thank you SHARK for doing what you do….right from the senseless killing of pigeons to this!


  3. Dear Vivian, you will also need to forgive me also, I would like to take the shocker and stick it where it appropriately belongs and it isnt any where near a Horse………..After watching the Triple B round up their are many other places that i would like to stick it also…………………..


  4. HORSES have done so much for all of mankind throughout the years and they are STILL treated so cruelly. When will people wake up and become CIVILIZED. Thank you SHARK for keeping these horrors before our eyes and HEART.


  5. Dear Lisa, you put it beautifully. We always welcome your insightful and informative comments, episode or not (smile).

    This in particular stood out to me:

    ” . . . rodeo, like so many animal-driven industries, has become a safe haven for violent, psychotic humans who can ply their trade and indulge their twisted appetites with impunity. And encouragement.”

    I think of horse racing and the way they cripple and destroy the lives of so many racehorses, of horse soring and the decades they have been tortured to perform, and of course the horrific, predatory business of horse slaughter. Sadly, there are many others who do not get the limelight that these groups of sadists get.

    A huge thank you to SHARK who work year after year so that we see what is happening, and we never forget these animals.


  6. (Forgive me in advance, Vivian; I feel an EPISODE coming on…)

    I was born and raised in Nevada, and rodeo was a crucial part of my formative years. I grew up believing the intent of the rodeo was to showcase the skills and talents of horsemen and women – but I called them cowboys and cowgirls. This was back in the late 60’s/early70’s when, apparently, shocking a terrified animal into a performance was in it’s infancy (although the ‘burr under the saddle’ was occasionally employed – and frowned upon.)

    Most bucking horse stock were animals who, by birth or cicumstance, had no love for humanity. Surprisingly (or, maybe NOT…), the majority were mares. And riding those animals was an acquired skill. Like bull riding, it pitted two ‘equals’ against each other in an 8-second combat, with a ‘survivor’ more than a ‘victor’.

    But I guess those days are gone. With all the lowdown dirty sh*t modern rodeos employ to ‘entertain’ (because it’s no longer a test of skill, talent or acumen but rather the Roman Games with Stetsons) also disappears what might be taken for integrity: the calf in the video whose neck and leg were broken was particularly heart-wrenching. Watching those fools shock those horses repeatedly like it was the most natural thing in the world leads me to believe rodeo, like so many animal-driven industries, has become a safe haven for violent, psychotic humans who can ply their trade and indulge their twisted appetites with impunity. And encouragement.

    My words of outrage are pretty limp when held against companies that blithely ignore but teach subterfuge to deliberately hurt animals to entertain a crowd. I have to wonder how these people treat their own animals in private. Does what passes as animal husbandry versus the need for massive profit bring out the worst in people? Judging by this video – and all the video of abuses in industries where animals are helpless vicitims (that’s not a radical advocacy statement; it IS a factual one), it most certainly does.


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