Dishes at the M Wells Dinette. DNAInfoNewYork Photo.

M. Wells Dinette take horse meat off the menu

Dishes at the M Wells Dinette. DNAInfoNewYork Photo.
M. Wells Dinette stated Thursday that horse meat is off the menu and not likely to return. So for the time being, the raw flesh of dead horses will not be appearing on dishes such as the ones pictured here at the MoMA PS1 Queens eatery.

“Outcry Scuttles Plan to Put Horse on Menu at M. Wells Dinette” says the headline of a report filed by LIZ ROBBINS for the Diner’s Journal of the New York Times.

According to a statement issued Thursday by husband and wife chefs Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis horse meat is off the menu at their recently opened diner situated at MoMA PS1 in Long Island City, Queens, New York, and “not likely to return.”

The New York Times‘ Robbins reports:

M. Wells Dinette, the highly anticipated reincarnation inside MoMA PS1 of a celebrated Queens restaurant, has been open for only five days, but its chef and owners have already removed a controversial item planned for the menu.

The restaurant’s chef and co-owner, Hugue Dufour, said Thursday that he would not serve horse meat tartare, in response to outrage from animal rights advocates and concern about legal ramifications from health officials.

“Horse meat is off the menu at the Dinette, and it is not likely to return,” the restaurant said, beginning a passionate statement that Mr. Dufour; his wife and partner, Sarah Obraitis; and their lawyer and co-owner, Adam Cohn, drafted after a busy lunch service on Thursday. “We took it off because it upset so many people, which truly surprised us. That is not the effect we look for in our food, so away it goes.”


Featured image of M. Wells dishes from DNAinfo and not filed with source report.

11 thoughts on “M. Wells Dinette take horse meat off the menu”

  1. This is all about cash, as usual. “…concern about legal ramifications from health officials.” Who would eat anything at this place, since they will dump any kind of toxic substance at anyone foolish enough to hand over cash for it? Reminds me of Barnum & Bailey, “…there’s one born every minute…”


  2. If these two people wanted to serve horse meat they should open up their business in Canada or the EU where its legal and not try to ramrod it down the throats of US citizens that refuse to allow it sold in the US for good reason. If people want to order horse meat from Canada to eat it’s their health they are risking just like smokers.


    1. I am tired of these comments without facts. It is not illegal to eat horse meat in many states of the US. People in Canada do not eat horse meat on a regular basis. There is a small market for it in Quebec.That’s it.

      What about the illegal horse slaughter market in Florida and all the people who eat it there? To say that the US and Canada are different in their convictions is uneducated.

      For your information, the same percentage of people in Canada oppose horse slaughter as those in the US.

      Before you spew your opinions about others do your homework.

      I’m sorry if you are offended by this comment but I have had enough of this bashing. The US still sends all their horses to slaughter and the industry here would not be thriving without the US export of horses. I am by no means condoning what Canada does. I am ashamed. But casting the die in another court is cowardly and without integrity or compassion for others


      1. To Concernedhorselover: I tend to agree with you.The United States should be disgraced and ASHAMED at the thousands and THOUSANDS of our precious horses being sent overseas to be butchered.And yes, we all should think about what we’re posting before we post it. Watch our words, and stop the finger-pointing. Horse lovers there in Canada are working fantastically with our horse lovers and groups here, in trying to stop this heinous, unwarranted happening. Its just that people, including myself (and probably a lot) are so angry , so breaking down, and so torn apart by this, we just get mad and start posting withous thinking first. So anyway, please don’t take the posts that upset you to heart. We all know you horse lovers love and care about your country’s horses as much as we do ours. And with continued brotherhood, we will both succeed in stopping horse slaughter completely. I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth.


  3. This is not just great from the perspective of not having horse meat on the menu.

    What it tells me is that this lawyer obviously did his homework in terms of the safety issue of eating horse meat. Clearly the husband and wife chefs had every intention of serving it to eclectic diners and were adamant about it as was evident in an earlier article.

    So why the about change? It is unmistakably an admission that horse meat is toxic and not fit for human consumption and reflects the distrust of the fraudulent practices conducted by the CFIA and its joke of a monitoring and testing system.

    it will be interesting to see what becomes of the horse slaughter industry in Canada when the tough new rules are enforced by the EU in July 2013. I have my doubts that anything will change, the deceit and fraud will simply escalate.

    What a heinous issue this whole thing is. It disgusts me.


    1. Jane, thanks for pointing that out.

      I hate it that the whole filthy business exists anywhere. There’s too much money to be made selling horse meat for people not to do it, and find a way to get around all these so-called stiff rules that everyone flaunts with no apologies.

      Did you see Chris’ comment about M. Wells serving guinea pigs? I know people eat calf brains, cow tongue, eyeballs, even their nuts (oh yes, they call them rocky mountain oysters or something like that) … but guinea pigs. Really? Who would eat those poor little things. Who would kill them in the first place, then skin and butcher them? I just don’t get it.


      1. Rocky Mountain oysters…also known as also known as prairie oysters, Montana tendergroins, cowboy caviar, and swinging beef…lol.

        Guinea pigs are pets here in NA just like cats, dogs, horses and the like. I’m not saying that any animal deserves to die to be served up on the plates of humans but really, guinea pigs???? Aren’t there enough things to eat as it is? Sometimes I wonder where this world is heading.


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