Stained Glass Horse. Google image.

Prayer Request: Horse shot 58 times with BB gun facing surgery

Stained Glass Horse. Google image.
Stained Glass Horse. Google image.

For those who believe in the power of prayer, we ask you to bring your healing thoughts to the story below. Thank you.

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RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif. (Oct 5, 2012) — Someone fired 58 BB pellets into a Southern California horse named Calamity Jane.

The wounded 10-year-old mare wasn’t expected to survive when she arrived at a Castaic shelter last month.

KCBS-TV ( says the horse had also been neglected by her owner and was taken by animal control officers to a shelter.

Stacey Cohen, who lives in Redondo Beach and keeps horses at Rancho Palos Verdes, says she was moved to adopt the horse two weeks ago because the shelter planned to put down the horse.

The mare’s BB wounds are still bleeding and there’s fear the lead pellets might poison her bloodstream.

Veterinarian Larry Kelly has offered to remove the BBs for free. Surgery is planned on Tuesday.

Information from: KCBS-TV,


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17 thoughts on “Prayer Request: Horse shot 58 times with BB gun facing surgery”

  1. Prayers for Calamity Jane. May healing move within and bring you back to health in the loving hands of your guardian angel Stacey Cohen.


  2. Thank you God and the Universe for the Surgery to be successful and God bless the women Stacey Cohen for her love and care.


  3. Dear Lord, wont you please be with this mare who has already suffered enough with previous owner, lay your hands upon her and her new owner.


  4. So much love going to this girl, and to all those helping her… And may those be appropriately dealt with (as previously mentioned — now or later).


  5. Let me pray to St. Francis of Assisi to help Calamity Jane not to suffer and to protect her.


  6. My thoughts go out to the mare, to her new guardian and to the vet so the surgery goes smoothly.


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