Mustangs by Mark Terrell

Election Day countdown for Mustangs: Call the Candidates

Mustangs by Mark Terrell
Mustangs by (c) Mark Terrell.


In an email shout out the followers of The Cloud Foundation, Ginger Kathrens asks:

Are you willing to join me in calling and emailing everyday until election day to push for true protection of our wild horses and burros on their legally designated homes on America’s western ranges?

If so, pledge to call every day from now until
Election Day on Nov. 6th:

White House Comment Line: (202) 456-1111.
Governor Romney Line: (857) 288-3500.

Tell the person who answers at the White House or the Governor’s office that wild horse and burro preservation is an issue that makes a difference in how you vote. What is the President’s/Governor’s position on protecting them?

Get 10 friends to do the same or get permission via email from 10 friends who will allow you to make the calls for them. Do this each and every day until the election.

Thousands of voices in this final election homestretch can make a difference and the candidates know it.

8 thoughts on “Election Day countdown for Mustangs: Call the Candidates”

  1. I will continue to call, I do everyday already but will change what I say to your suggestion, I will call twice a day and email. I promise. I will not be silent. Thank you for the words and the numbers (I have them memorized and I educate one person everyday and now I will be sure they call). God speed. Stop the suffering and the horrific treatment of mustangs now and forever.


  2. “Stand up ~ Call & Pray for horses (daily.)

    No one is allowed to look down on horses ….

    No one! but ……GOD


  3. Ginger Kathrens and the The Cloud Foundation would not ask anyone to waste their time and neither would we. The whole point of the calls is to make it front and center, and with everyone participating we can do that.

    If you wish to contact the federal Government Oversight Committee here is the link: The appropriate Subcommittee is here

    Consider these points: 1. This has been done as a group and individually with no result; 2. investigations can take years even if you get their attention; 3. depending the outcome of the election the committee may change and some of these individuals may be out at end of the year (replaced or not re-elected).


  4. I don’t believe contacting the President and Governor Romney is a good course of action. This issue is not front and center for the President and certainly will not be for the contender, if he is elected. I believe it would be better to email or phone those on the committees in Congress who are responsible for oversight of the BLM. Please get this information for us and post it on Tuesday’s Horse so that all of us can be consistent and contact the ones responsible for oversight of this government agency. This issue is not on the radar of either the President of his contender. We are wasting our time contacting their staffs; they don’t even know this is an issue!!


  5. I got thru to the White House but the clerk had no info and suggested I peruse to entire White House website. I sent an email instead, and will continue to do so daily. This is a good idea!


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