Ann Romney. (c)Terri Miller.

Ann Romney says horses helped keep her out of a wheelchair


Ann Romney.  (c)Terri Miller.
Ann Romney with her horse, Super Hit, in a 2006 photo.

WASHINGTON — (AP) The wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney said Wednesday that her love of horses helped her overcome her fear that multiple sclerosis would put her in a wheelchair.

Ann Romney was guest hosting ABC’s “Good Morning America” when she spoke about her depression after receiving the diagnosis 14 years ago.

“I was very, very weak and very much worried about my life, thinking I was going to be in a wheelchair as well,” she said. “Turned to horses, my life has been dramatically different. They gave me the energy, the passion to get out of bed when I was so sick that I didn’t think I’d ever want to get out of bed.”

Mrs. Romney is part-owner of a horse that competed this summer in the Olympic sport of dressage, the equine equivalent of ballet. She spoke about her love of horses while standing in New York’s Times Square, petting Paralympic horse Lord Luger as rider Rebecca Hart discussed how equine therapy helped keep her out of a wheelchair. Read more >>

Note: We post this about the healing power of horses, not as a political post. Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Ann Romney says horses helped keep her out of a wheelchair”

  1. Loved Mrs. Romney’s comment. By the way, the Romney’s do not use tax-payer insurance…Mitt Romney has not taken a salary for many years and gave over four million dollars to charity last year and for many years…..So many lies out there. I’m a horse-lover against horse slaughter but I am also a Democrat voting for Mr. Romney and Ryan….somebody has to save the country before we go over a cliff.


  2. Keep in mind the Obama’s are in the 1 percent also thanks to a public life paid for by taxpayers, and so far in this presidency they have taken 16 extravagant vacations in three years that have cost us over 1 million dollars. That’s not exactly “real world” either, so give it a rest, haters. The fact remains that Barack Obama’s expressed support for the welfare of horses was just another broken campaign promise. Seems obvious to me a proven “no” for horses isn’t the best choice compared to a “maybe.”


    1. Right you are Lee Perry.We have 4 years of proof that Obama is an inveterate horse killer.Furthermore he is a PROACTIVE horse killer as illustrated by his selection of and continued support for Ken Salazar, a bloodthirsty horsethief and whitecollar criminal ,as Secretary of the Interior (a democrat of course)
      Obama has used the executive order to bypass congress with regard to every other damn issue that’s important to him,but not to keep his campaign promise to ban horse slaughter.
      In Obama’s “global” mindset everyone and everything is expendable.Give this urban cowboy, moral relativist another 4 years and he’ll be “neutralizing” wild horse herds with predator drones in order to “redistribute” their lands to he and Salazar’s rancher cronies.


  3. You know MPclark the rest of us out here in the real world have been trying to get passage of bills to stop horse slaughter for ten years with no luck. With the Senate paid off by lobbyists to the tune of thousands of dollars given to their reelection campaigns the two bills H.R.2966/S1176 sitting in committee don’t have a chance of being passed. The bills can’t be passed without the Senate voting for it. There is plenty of House members that have endorsed it like 165 House only 25 in the Senate this small number was the same for the last bill that died.


  4. The Romney campaign is intent on leaving horseslaughter to each state to decide as it pleases. At this time, Ohio would certainly approve. We have Kasich in the governor’s office.

    I am determined to see horse slaughter end which is why I am tracking votes on the issue.

    As to Ms Romney, I am glad she has the health care coverage from taxpayers and the inherited fortune to engage in her hobby.

    Since she recently referred to her horse as an “It”, I am amazed that she says she cares about horses. Horses are not “Its” in my book.

    Of course, I was trained in horsemanship and am not familiar with referring to my horse as an “It”. I care about horses and what happens to them after we are done having a good time with their use in our part time hobbies.

    Call and email Congress thru and demand passage of HB2966 and S1176 now. Let’s save the horses and give them their lives and some respect. We owe them at least that much.


  5. I have been saying that on different blogs for awhile now. When I found out she was a horse person I knew we probably had some help in the White House if her husband is voted in as president. And the way things look “knock on wood” it sure looks like Governor Romney just may make it. The way he kicked Obama’s butt in the debate last week couldn’t be beat. Obama is addicted to using teleprompters for all of his speeches and I’m beginning to believe he can’t talk to the public from a podium without one. Where Romney knew his facts and figures without having the help of a teleprompter Obama didn’t. In the debates they are not allowed to any help like that. as far as I know.


  6. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Mrs. Romney would be a Huge spokesperson for all our horses, what do we think would she ???? They have done so much to help the illness in her life ?????? Would she save our Mustangs and horses ??????They kept her from a wheelchair , she got to have great amount of understand for the Horse///////////////////////?????????????


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