Near side view of Lilly. Photo courtesy The Nature Network.

Feel Good Friday: Lilly

Front View of Lilly. Photo courtesy The Nature Network.
Front View of Lilly. Photo courtesy The Nature Network.

Feel good this Friday by helping a horse called Lilly.

Lilly is a horse who was rescued by The Nature Network in Los Angeles, California, who are determined to see that this sweet girl gets the help she needs.

According to the owner, Lilly was being kept with other horses who bullied her and kept her away from the feed, and why she is so skinny and has been injured.

The owner intended to send Lilly to slaughter if no one would take her in.

We are raising money through our supporters to nurture Lilly back to health. She requires veterinary, teeth and hoof care. The treatment of her teeth is particularly critical to building her weight.

Can you make a donation to the Horse Charities’ Lilly Fund?

Every dollar counts. All donations amounts are welcome.

We will be following Lilly’s rehabilitation and reporting it to you.

Feel good this Friday, and help dear Lilly.

More views of Lilly. Click to enlarge. Press Escape key to return to this post.

9 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday: Lilly”

  1. I just made a small ( wish it could be more ) donation to Lily’s fund. I look forward to reading and seeing her progress as she heals and grows stronger. God bless all those involved with her care. Thank you for saving her!


  2. How could anyone know that this would be feel good FRIDAY because today for the first time in at least 50 years no American Horse was Slaughtered for Human Consumption.


  3. God bless Lilly. Have contributed to her well-being. If we all chip in, it doesn’t take much…even the cost of a daily coffee will help.


  4. The owner knew she was being kept from the feed, and bullied by the other two horses, what a idiot, the owner should not be allowed to own any horses at all……
    Thank you to the rescue folks.


  5. My heart goes out to the beautiful animal…how anyone could allow this to happen they should be locked up and throw away the key….It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know she is starving to death. Godd bless her and I wish her well! I have a horse named Lilly and my heart truly hurts for this Lilly!


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