Horses on parade in Washingdon DC. St Patrick's Day 2008. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell.

Lay off the horses, Mr. Obama

Horses on parade in Washingdon DC. St Patrick's Day 2008. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell.
Horses on parade in Washingdon DC. St Patrick’s Day 2008. Photo: Vivian Grant Farrell.

“Lay off the horses, Mr. Obama.” That is the referenced article’s title, not ours. However, neither of the presidential candidates seem to have a clue about horses. How sad, considering how much equines have benefited mankind. Horses also fought, injured and died in battle by the millions in the U.S., and are still used in critical strategic maneuvers.

What’s all the fuss about? President Obama’s reference to “horses and bayonets” lit up Twitter last night.

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During yesterday’s debate on foreign policy, President Obama scored what may have been the zinger of the night when he mocked Republican challenger Mitt Romney for thinking that when it comes to military hardware, quality matters more than quantity. “Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military’s changed,” Obama quipped.

Sure, but how about the nature policing the capital? Officers are more and more likely to be seen on bikes, motorcycles, cars and even Segways, but that doesn’t mean that local police forces have rid themselves of the horses that used to be part and parcel of maintaining order in District.

In fact, the Metropolitan Police Department went in exactly the opposite direction in 2001, when Police Chief Charles Ramsey reinstated the House Mounted Division that had been abandoned some 70 years earlier.

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8 thoughts on “Lay off the horses, Mr. Obama”

  1. I think this is a Gut Call !!! Throw them both up in the whoever lands first ???????? Dont expect either will be beneficial for the Horses……………………….The horses are Our Call , we must get it done !!!Ourselves…………………….

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  2. Good luck to any wild horse if Romney/Ryan are elected. And forget about ending horse slaughter, unless it is the Plutocrats who decide that they can’t make enough money. Greed upstages everything with those two and their supporters. Ryan voted 3 times to support horse slaughter and his HSUS rating is 13%. Democrats support our efforts more than 3-1.


  3. Obama does not care anything about horses. He was never around any from what I have read about his upbringing. His mother was not interested in them either. That description covers about most of the population of the US. As more people move closer in to their jobs there will be less and less people owning them.


  4. “fewer horses” is correct Prez. Obama–considering the fact that you have not responded to our thousands of letters and calls to STOP the roundups–STOP BLM from hunting (poaching) by helicopter–against their own warning that it is against the law to harass,kill,injure wild horses. Then there are those 1700 MIA horses–sold for $10 a head to TDavis (Ken’s pal down the road a piece). I could go on and on….Can you hear me now?


    1. Dear Ann, you are talking to the hand, I have called there for the entire term of office, they are all deaf there !!!! You would be better off peeing in the lake and waiting for it to rise…………………..


  5. I think your right neither has one idea what the horses did or do or have done for America I would think that any American via for the important job of running this Country would have been very interested in learning , who what built this country, wouldnt you think???????, Both fail miserably……………………


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