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Canadian racing mares sold to slaughter (video)

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It is a sorry, shameless business when cutthroat owners send their horses to slaughter because they feel they are no longer economically viable. Reports state that the reason this is taking place is a portion of revenue from the slots that helps keep horse racing going in Canada is to be taken away from the industry next year by the government.

The video below tells the story of a group of Standardbred mares in Canada who have served out their days from racing to breeding, generating revenue for their owner all along the way. Their reward: the slaughterhouse. How often does this take place, slots fiasco or not?

I personally am not moved by the human tears of those doing the owner’s dirty work. I instead reserve my compassion for the horses with their sweet, trusting faces who were sent to a brutal and horrifying early death, when one last small investment — although still tragic — would have ended their lives peacefully. But the owner made his wishes clear: “Sell them for meat.”

You cannot tell me none of these horses have received banned medications that prohibits their meat from entering the human food chain. Yet the slaughterhouses of Canada will take them and ship their potentially toxic meat to Europe for human consumption.

This is one of many stories just like this, whether the horses come from Canada or the United States. Notwithstanding the immorality of killing horses for their meat, how much proof does the EC need that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are consistently failing in their policies and the slaughterhouses of Canada breaking the law?

Shut them down. Now. Nothing else will do.


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24 thoughts on “Canadian racing mares sold to slaughter (video)”

  1. Horses are not livestock, they are our pets, our partners. They are beautiful, courageous creatures who deserve so much more than this for the work they do for us. I want to campaign against this along with other forms of abuse to horses, but it also means reading and watching more about it. It sickens me to the core :(


  2. I watched the video. Oh, how soooo sad the owners were to send the mares to slaughter. How much $$$ did the horses make for the owners? How much did the horses give of their life for the owners? To the owners, the horses were “things.” Could they try to sell to truly caring people for Forever Homes? And sad to say, could they humanely euthanize, hold the sentient being, as the veterinarian gives a peaceful, dignified death? I was sickened watching this video. And I wonder WHY this whole process of betrayal was filmed. To allay the conscience of the owners? No. They have no conscience. No empathy. No compassion. Sociopathy covers a broad spectrum. They fit right in.


  3. The horrors of slaughter that these innocent horses suffered is beyond human comprehension. We think we can imagine what it is like. Yet we have not endured it. For so many, they can only think of it in terms of, what if this were happening to me. How would I feel?

    When I started the Fund in Texas, I visited a horse slaughter plant there. I never got beyond the parking lot. I threw up beside the car from the smell of fear and death. The screams I heard were blood curdling. I grew up with horses, literally from the cradle. I had never heard a horse no matter how frightened, make a sound like that. It haunts me to this day. Every time I read or see one of these stories, I hear those screams.

    Not one person who knows that horse slaughter exists, should sit back for a moment and do nothing. Or think that reading a story or watching a video and feeling sorry for the horses is enough. It is just the beginning. So please do not sit back, and say, oh, I won’t take this action, or won’t do this or that, because what good will it do? None, if you fail to do it. You are needed. You are necessary.

    Thank you.


  4. My heart breaks and my anger rises….oh how awful these people are to their horses…the people obviously have no heart or feeling except for themselves…horses are such majestic, incredibly beautiful loving creatures who love us so much….they submit to us on one condition….they trust us. I know we are not to hate people but the people who brutally send their horses to slaughter or harm any animal….any animal that looks to their human with trust for their lives…it makes me sick and I do hate those disgusting people….I can only hope that what comes around goes around and they will suffer the same pain they have caused their horses or their animals. I love my animals and I try to always do the very best job I can do in taking care of them and thanking them for loving me and for trusting me with their lives…


  5. Ultimate betrayal, when the human factor
    resorts to this horror I am ashamed of these so called people , my faith in mankind is about zero……….. Because the horse can t be anything but what he is a trusting loving soul , he is victimize by low life humans who have nothing but slaughter to give them…………….They betray the horses who serve them……….These people demoralize the love of a beautiful powerful horse whose only choice in life is to serve mankind, to honor and serve the very human who would destroy and condemn him to a dishonorable and extremely painful death for all his services, some of us are really despicable …………………and do deserve to die in the same manner………………..


  6. These owners didn’t care one thing about any of these horses. They feel toward them just like ranchers feel toward the cattle they raise for beef. A means to a end and a paycheck. None of them even thought about trying to place them with rescues and retraining that would be to much effort especially if they had to feed them while doing it. The horse breeders here in the US do the same thing with their worn out broodmares. They also would never bother to try find homes for any of them. They simply pick up the phone and call their local kill buyer. They have always dumped these horses like getting rid of a junk car out of sight out of mind.


  7. Why aren’t they giving the name out of this owner? I don’t see why he is being protected-let everybody know who this person is that would rather get $330 than pay the cost of euthanasia. What an inhuman person who has absolutely no empathy or appreciation for his horses. And I am being polite.


  8. It’s incomprehensible how people involved with these animals can treat them this way. Euthanasia is not costly and it is kind. These aren’t normal people- they are sociopaths.


  9. Thank you for reporting this.

    It is the ultimate in betrayal as far as I am concerned. These mares gave their everything to these people and now are sentenced to death in the worst of ways.

    There is no accountability and most of all no loyalty or compassion. These mares deserve better if only a humane end to their sorry lives.

    RIP sweet girls. I am so sorry you had to experience this……


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