Standardbred Mare and Foal. Google image.

Canadian racing mares sold to slaughter (video)

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It is a sorry, shameless business when cutthroat owners send their horses to slaughter because they feel they are no longer economically viable. Reports state that the reason this is taking place is a portion of revenue from the slots that helps keep horse racing going in Canada is to be taken away from the industry next year by the government.

The video below tells the story of a group of Standardbred mares in Canada who have served out their days from racing to breeding, generating revenue for their owner all along the way. Their reward: the slaughterhouse. How often does this take place, slots fiasco or not?

I personally am not moved by the human tears of those doing the owner’s dirty work. I instead reserve my compassion for the horses with their sweet, trusting faces who were sent to a brutal and horrifying early death, when one last small investment — although still tragic — would have ended their lives peacefully. But the owner made his wishes clear: “Sell them for meat.”

You cannot tell me none of these horses have received banned medications that prohibits their meat from entering the human food chain. Yet the slaughterhouses of Canada will take them and ship their potentially toxic meat to Europe for human consumption.

This is one of many stories just like this, whether the horses come from Canada or the United States. Notwithstanding the immorality of killing horses for their meat, how much proof does the EC need that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency are consistently failing in their policies and the slaughterhouses of Canada breaking the law?

Shut them down. Now. Nothing else will do.


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24 thoughts on “Canadian racing mares sold to slaughter (video)”

  1. It is a real shame that society has become so heartless,i am sicken more and more about these so called horse owners who have the audacity to sell their horse for meat.
    Shame on them,as for the hay dealers who keep on raising their prices as if hay was gold ,they play a big part in slaughtering horses.I am outrage…and trying to stay polite.
    Poor poor horses.


  2. I don’t have any respect for Canada and what they do to the horses. I hope karma hits them where it will hurt…greediness for higher and higher money at the expense of the horses. The owners are selfish and a no show of compassion for those beautiful animals. RIP you beautiful horses…..I grieve for you loss of life.


    1. I understand your sentiments Elvira, but let us not lay it all at the door of our neighbor Canada. The U.S. send a reported anywhere from 60% to 70% of the horses they slaughter there.


  3. Can’t watch this video….Started watching can’t do it …the tears mean nothing to me from a bunch of low life scum of the earth….May they all rot in Hell…..And I hope thy feel the pain that they inflict on helpless loving creatures of God because they have no qualities that God gives us as compassionate humans….I hope they can sleep at night .. May I say it again I hope they “ALL ROT IN HELL” and I pray that some day soon we can make all of the wrong for these HORSES right…..I’ll continue to pray and lobby for their rights they Can’t….Anyone reading this that takes part in cruelty, abuse, slaughter, purchase or theft of horses for slaughter I hope you all get what is coming to you and ROT in HELL to be tortured for eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Shame on those people for sending them to slaughter….a FAR more horrible death than just euthanizing them. I wish someday those people suffer the same fate! Shame on anyone who sends a horse through the slaughter pipeline!


  5. Why didn’t they just euthanize them? This is a HORRIBLE choice! EUTHANIZE don’t slaughter. Sad day? You are STILL ALIVE! They are not and they faced a HORRIBLE END! Next time have your horses put down via euthanasia.


  6. We must work to prohibit US horses from being shipped there.. Without the US horses, perhaps it will make it simpler to help the Canadians close them down for good.. Canada must be well aware of the passport requirement that is coming. I have not seen any reasonable solution that will allow
    American horses to be slaughtered under that requirement.


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