Captured Mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.

BLM claims to investigate sale of 1700 wild horses to slaughter

Captured Mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Image / Elyse Gardner.
Captured mustangs nuzzle for comfort. Have they been sold and killed for their meat for European diners? It is reported that at least 1700 wild horses have been sold to a known slaughter buyer. The BLM claims to be investigating. What is more likely is they are looking for a way to cover their tracks. Image / Elyse Gardner.

Well, it’s that time again. The annual propaganda party that is the meeting of the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.

We have listened or watched the annual mishmash of misrepresentation, manipulation and outright lies about how many wild horses and burros have been rounded up, why they have been rounded up, and where they are now.

The latest in the “where they are now” category is the sale by the BLM of 1700 wild horses to a known horse meat trader operating out of Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar’s home state of Colorado.

The BLM claim they are now investigating to see if the sale was illegal. In other words, they are scrambling to tag these horses in the “three strikes and you are out” category so their sale at any any price, to anyone for any purpose, clears them technically under the Burns Amendment of selling these horses to a horse slaughter middleman (who by the way appears to be a buddy of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar).

Edwin Roberson, Assistant Director at the Bureau of Land Management, tells KSL TV in Utah that:

“I can confirm right now that the inspector general of the Department of Interior is investigating,” said Roberson, “(and) has an ongoing investigation into those allegations. Beyond that, I can’t comment.”

Yeh, yeh, yeh.

So another meeting goes on. Advocates state the obvious that the BLM are managing America’s wild horses and burros to extinction. The BLM claim that they are rounding up and stockpiling mustangs around the country to protect them from doom and gloom and all other sorts of things.

What is fascinating is that the cattle are not being removed for their protection from nature’s wrath. The cattle seem to be getting along just fine on the very same public lands where the wild horses and burros are being eradicated.

BLM statements always make me want to look up the term “pathological liar”.

Link to meeting:

6 thoughts on “BLM claims to investigate sale of 1700 wild horses to slaughter”

  1. We’ve been screaming about this for how long now??? And, they are just now willing to investigate??? Of course, they’re willing now! 1700 horses that CAN’T be retrieved!!! Wonder how long this ‘investigation’ is going to take? Probably long enough for another 1700 wild horses to disappear.

    It all just sickens me.


    1. Why is the Dept of Interior being allowed to investigate itself? That in essence is what is going on here. The BLM is merely an agency conducting outs its wishes. And we see very clearly what the agenda has been.


  2. Nothing shy of sick what our Horses go through because of idiot [edited]. Think about it our Wild Horses our Race Horses. Our Draft Horses and the Horses that fall into the hands of owners that no more need a horse than they need a hole in the head. Maybe the hole in the head would suit them best. I am just so outraged at what has happened in today’s world that it makes me sick you would think there should be more compassion in today’s world but greed is taking over and people are more ignorant than ever. I hope every foreigner that takes part in eating horse meat gets so sick then they will get what they deserve and I hope and pray the kill buyers rot in Hell!


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