Wild horses of Western Australia. Photo credit: PerthNow.

Horses carcasses left rotting in dam

Wild horses of Western Australia. Photo credit: PerthNow.
Wild horses of Western Australia. Photo credit: PerthNow.

NATALIE JONES reporting for ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) writes:

A remote community in Western Australia is assessing how to deal with more than 100 wild horse carcasses that are rotting in a community dam.

The animals became trapped in mud in the the dam about five kilometres out of Balgo in the Kimberley, in their search for water.

About 40 carcasses have been retrieved and are reportedly rotting on a roadside, but a further 80 have decomposed too badly to be removed.

Some animals were also found alive, including foals born in the mud, and are being cared for by residents.

Horse advocate Libby Lovegrove campaigns to protect horses.

She says the situation could have been avoided.

“If somebody had called us and asked us for some help we would’ve been straight out there and we would’ve pumped some water out of the dam for the horses to drink and the horses would not have got stuck in the mud,” she said.

“Pumps cost very, very little, the troughs cost very little, we would’ve provided them and the horses would’ve been safe.

“Because they haven’t done anything horses have now died in terrible agony; I’m very, very angry.”

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Seems Australia care as little for their wild horses as the United States do. What a crying shame. –Editor.


Dozens of wild horses perish in muddy Balgo dams in remote Kimberley“; PERTH NOW; by Phil Hickey; Oct.30, 2012.

2 thoughts on “Horses carcasses left rotting in dam”

  1. Tragic, more stupid deaths because of civilization (in this case meaning dams) which are a curse for wildlife and indigenous people. Poor horses sigh!!!


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