Montreal carriage horse Blackjack injured and down. Photo: SPCA.

Abusive Montreal carriage driver kicks collapsed horse

Montreal carriage horse Blackjack injured and down. Photo: SPCA.
20 year-old Montreal carriage horse Blackjack collapsed on the way back to the stable and was kicked by the driver when he wouldn’t get up. He and another 20-year old carriage horse were both rescued by the SPCA. SPCA Photo.

Why was the driver not arrested for animal cruelty? Why are they somehow always exempt? Police officers reported the incident to the SPCA. Time for Montreal to ban horse drawn carriages and prosecute horse abusers. The end.

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SPCA rescues caleche horses


Two caleche horses have been rescued by the SPCA from their alleged abuser.

Director Alanna Devine says the animal shelter received a call from Montreal Police last Sunday.

“According to witnesses, a horse had collapsed on the way back to the stable, and the driver of the horse had kicked the horse while he was still on the ground.”

The owner of the Griffintown carriage house surrendered Blackjack and Captain Bob, the two 20-year old horses, who are being treated for their injuries.

They’re currently recovering and as soon they’re medically fit, the SPCA will begin looking for a permanent retirement home, where they can spend the rest of their time in comfortable, country surroundings.

Devine says the SPCA has heard over the years a lot of allegations of acts of cruelty towards horses.

She says “the biggest concern is the neglect, or conditions these horses are forced to live and work in. They’re living in a dilapidated old building, the bylaw from the City of Montreal permits them to work 9 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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See also “Montreal SPCA rescues Blackjack and Captain Bob, two carriage horses allegedly abused by their owner“; Global Montreal; by Amanda Kelly; Oct. 31, 2012 (more images)

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7 thoughts on “Abusive Montreal carriage driver kicks collapsed horse”

  1. the horses body looked so poor – scars, skinny – what a life that poor being had under that cruel man!


  2. This news report is just a joke of disillusions of the truth. Why this man stuck up for him is beyond me. Maybe he’s a carriage driver. You don’t kick a horse to get up unless you’re an idiot or an animal abuser. The good thing is that the carriage driver was witnessed by several people and the horses are now safe from harms way. The Carriage Horse industry should be abolished there’s’ just too much cruelty to theses poor horses everywhere.


  3. The carriage horse industry is such a sad one and should be outlawed.

    I am so very happy that these two beautiful horses have been taken from their life of slavery and abuse. May they live out the rest of their years peacefully and with lots of love around them.


  4. No words to express this… Of course there are disgusting issues of overt cruelty of carriage issues here in the States, but to see a driver actually KICKING a downed horse? And this (I’m shamed to say “person”) not being arrested on the spot? Visiting link now.


  5. Montreal is a cruel city to animals and people, too. I can’t stand that city for what they do to defenseless animals. I used to visit my relatives in Montreal when I was young. I saw firsthand the cruelty against animals. They don’t do anything to better the animals.


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