Two healthy mules killed and stuffed to make an art exhibit. Photo: Facebook.

San Antonio man sues over mules killed and stuffed for museum display

Two healthy mules killed and stuffed to make an art exhibit. Photo: Facebook.
Two healthy mules were killed and stuffed to stage an exhibit at the American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas. A San Antonio man filed suit against the museum and contacted the BLM alleging that the mules were captured in one of their roundups and destined for slaughter breaking federal law. Photo: Facebook.

This story gets “curiouser and curiouser”, using a popular phrase quoted by Alice during her trip through wonderland.

In September it was reported that The American Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas purchased two healthy mules and had them killed and stuffed to a make a “more realistic” farm display in an art exhibit.

San Antonio man Patrick Greene filed a lawsuit against the Lubbock museum and also reported the incident to the Bureau of Land Management because of his impression that the mules had been rounded up then later sold for the purpose described above, which he contends is illegal.

WALT NETT reporting for the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal writes:

A San Antonio man’s complaint about the use of euthanized mules in a museum exhibit has been referred to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s law enforcement division for investigation, an agency official said Friday.

Sally Spencer, marketing director of the federal agency’s National Wild Horse and Burro program, confirmed she’d received an email from Patrick Greene, who sued Dan Taylor, the chairman of the American Museum of Agriculture’s board, earlier this month seeking to keep the two stuffed mules from being used in a historic exhibit.

Wait until you read this bit.

Spencer said she’d turned the paperwork over to the agency’s law enforcement section and said the first step involves checking to see if the mules had freezemarks on their necks. A freezemark, similar to a brand but applied with an iron chilled in liquid nitrogen, is applied to by BLM to captured animals eventually offered for adoption and sale.

According to the BLM website, the freezemark is unalterable because the animal’s hair grows back white to display the symbols.

If the animals aren’t marked, BLM would not have jurisdiction, Spencer said.

Spencer explained that the legal protections for wild horses and burros under federal law is extended to mules that are rounded up and made available for adoption.

Under the law, someone who adopts an animal signs an agreement the animal will not be sold “for slaughter or bucking stock, or for processing into commercial products,” according to the adoption program’s website.

The museum said previously it bought the animals — one was 28 years old, the other 32 — from a trader whose other option was to ship them to Mexico for processing at a meat plant.

I am so pleased to see that Spencer does know the rules related to the slaughtering of America’s wild equines and admitted it publicly. This will come in handy later.

In the meantime, Greene has dropped his original complaint against the museum over the mule display, only because he intends to re-file at the federal level.

Go Mr. Greene!


— “Federal agency asked to check museum mules’ history“; Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Lubbuck Online; Walt Nett; Nov. 2, 2012.

Lubbock museum kills and stuffs two mules for art exhibit; Tuesday’s Horse; Sept. 19, 2012.

9 thoughts on “San Antonio man sues over mules killed and stuffed for museum display”

  1. Also if no one goes in that museum because of them killing and stuffing the poor mules they will be put out of business which they deserve!!!! Cudos Mr Greene:)


  2. Look for scarring, if they tried to remove any brands there will some kind of scarring or if they altered it in any way.


    1. If they killed and stuffed these mules as is, wouldn’t the brand still be visible? Even if they are rounded up mules, they are not going to prove much now. However, I love the fact that Mr. Greene is stirring up this hornet’s nest for the BLM. They deserve it, and much, much more.


  3. Never doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change the world,,, indeed, its the only thing that every has.. a quote my Margaret Mead.. you Go Mr. Green.. and there are a lot of concerned citizens with you.. its a travesty .. they could have use plastic look alike mules.. just as easy.. would not go to this exhibit for all the tea in China as the ol saying goes…


  4. I’m all for Mr. Greene and his action! But does anyone think the BML gives a damn? What a joke- I’m sure they will just let it all get lost in paperwork. The concern they’ve expressed is nothing but crocodile tears.Have they not been caught illegally selling mustangs and burros to kill buyers? Is anyone suing THEM???


    1. And Sally Spencer of all people to report the incident to. Well, one thing for sure, she knows all about selling wild horses to slaughter, so she is the “right” person after all.

      Taxpayers can file a class action lawsuit against the BLM for knowingly and willingly for using their tax dollars illegally, which I have been preaching for years. But no one wants to do it, or support it. So there you go.


  5. Yes GO MR> GREENE The Brutal Murdering of Free to Roam Horses and Burros is senseless cruel and totally immoral , they need to be sued , and then abolished , This Agency, has been getting away cruel inhumane Murders for far to Long , it is way past time to get rid of them for good, ……………


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