Dead Carriage Horse Bahamas. Tribune 424 Image.

Carriage horse dies in city street in the Bahamas

Dead Carriage Horse Bahamas. Tribune 424 Image.
Carriage horse known as Bloody Mary drops dead in a city street in Nassau, Bahamas. Police reportedly insisted that the driver drag her body away. The article does not say what they did with her remains. Tribune 424 Image.


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ONLOOKERS watched in horror as a surrey horse, with tourists, collapsed and died on the corner of Dowdeswell and Christie Streets yesterday afternoon.

One woman, who asked to remain anonymous, called the scene “disturbing” and called for an investigation into the working conditions for horses.

“It was just so disturbing looking at that horse,” she said. “It’s a poor reflection on our society because that horse looked hungry, it looked starved and we need to do better.

“Those guys downtown need to be investigated. We need to shed the light on that.”

According to eyewitnesses, the animal was a 22-year-old female named Bloody Mary who was drawing a yellow and blue surrey – one of downtown Nassau’s première attractions.

After the horse’s collapse, [she] was tied to the back of a truck and dragged out of the street reportedly at the insistence of the police. Continue reading >>

6 thoughts on “Carriage horse dies in city street in the Bahamas”

  1. May you rest in peace, sweet girl… And may those who hurt you be investigated and NEVER be allowed to hurt another creature again. I hope someone’s in charge of this issue. As another commenter says (I live in South FLA) – many are also responsible for the torture, starvation, and slaughter of horses in our area which is out of control.


  2. Sick Sick Sick…God will redeem Bloody Mary and the people who treated her for nothing but making them money will pay a price with HIm. I am so sick of people who abuse animals in the name of money….God knows and He will pay them. It breaks my heart to see how she died and then was treated even in death. God I pray you will redeem her life.


  3. This happens in every third world country. In Guatemala a horse charities group from the UK tries to teach the people in the villages out in the back country how to take care of their horses. In one Village there are 400 working horses. They are teaching them how to make harnesses and bridles using tanned leather that fit the horses to keep down open sores, how to feed them and to make horse shoes that fit the horses feet. They found that a lot of the horses had abscesses in their feet. They are teaching the horse owners what to look for and how to treat it. I saw one video of a thin and very sick horse hobbling down a street mostly on three legs pulling a cart with two grown men riding on it and not caring one thing about the pain the horse was in. You could see the misery the horse was in. If you look closely at the faces of horses in videos of countries like this you can see the misery and pain in all of their faces. It’s not a pretty picture but it shows the ignorance of these people. Many of the population of this country and Mexico have crossed the US border with Mexico and now live illegally in the US and they bring their cruelty toward animals and horses with them. Some of these same people are the ones that are still butchering horses in Florida.


  4. OMG, this poor girl. And what is wrong with these police officers insisting on dragging her out of the street?

    I hate this industry regardless of where it is.


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