Stabled Horse. NERN.

Low cost gelding clinic coming to Fallon, Nevada Nov 24, 25


Stabled Horse. NERN.
NERN’s flagship program was created to help economically challenged horse owners castrate their colts and stallions at a minimum cost, and to decrease equine breeding at a time when there is an over abundance of horses in the United States.

A low cost gelding clinic will be held at Snow Livestock & Grain in Fallon, NV on Saturday, Nov 24th and Sunday, Nov 25th. Private horse owners in need of this service are invited to participate in this event that is co-hosted by National Equine Resource Network (NERN) and R-VETS.

The cost to horse owners who bring their horses to the clinic will be only $75, compared to an average veterinary fee of approximately $150-300. The clinic will also take a limited number of cryptorchids and hernias, for an additional fee.

Dr. Eric Davis, DVM of R-VETS, is volunteering his services to NERN and the community, stressing the importance of reducing the future equine population in the face of the nation’s ongoing economic woes.

In 2011, NERN ran a pilot program for low-cost clinics in California, gelding a total of 92 horses, in eight separate locations around the state. This year, they have already held a total of 16 clinics, and castrated an additional 204 stallions.

Shirley Puga, NERN’s Executive Director, said her organization’s goal for 2012 was to provide low cost castration for 250 or more colts/stallions in a series of gelding clinics. “At a time when many horse owners are struggling just to feed their animals, we felt that providing financial assistance in this area would be one of the most important contributions we could make, not only for existing horses, but for the future” she said.

NERN-sponsored gelding clinics have been held throughout California, and a two day clinic was recently held in Washington State. Soon Nevada will be added to the list. At the request of horse rescues, vets and/or horse owners that have learned of this service, other western states such as OR, AZ, and TX are under consideration.

To participate in the Fallon gelding clinic, area horse owners can contact NERN at or (760) 419-2462. For more information on the gelding program, or to donate, please go to

Source: Press Release

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