Trailered horses. Destination slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Google image.

BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)


Please view on YouTube, “like” it (horrible choice we know) and comment so more people will see how America’s heritage is being butchered.

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25 thoughts on “BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)”

  1. These wild horses are loved worldwide and we need to make people aware of what is really happening to them and to insist that Salazar either resigns or puts a stop to the horrific slaughter of these beautiful animals.


    1. There is no hope to change Salazar. He’s the ranchers’ guy and needs to resign. Then he will have to be held accountable – criminally if possible – for sending our wild ones to slaughter.


  2. I cannot watch anymore Videos with Horses going to Slaughter, they are mentally and physically offensive, so much so that they make me throw up,I truly feel what they feel, its unimaginable horror, these videos , tear up my heart and soul , i cannot believe that anyone could do that to a beautiful horse, and what kind of fiend would do this…………………………


  3. Thank you for sharing awareness is first to create change. People have to be aware what is going on. People have to push congress to stop slaughtering americas horses, donkeys and mules. Great blog!


    1. Sorry Gina. BLM stands for the Bureau of Land Management. They are a federal agency of the US Department of the Interior. The BLM have district offices in states where there are public lands to be managed. That is where our free-roaming wild horses and burros live, the too few we have left now in the wild.


  4. I think that people that adopt one or more of these horses take them to auctions when the horses turn out not to be trainable. A lot of these horses have ended up like that because they are wild and will not be a tame horse that was expected after some training. It’s like catching a adult zebra on the plains of Africa and trying to tame it down. That’s the reason you have never seen a pair of zebra pulling a wagon in any of the countries in Africa and you never will. All of these horses need to be put back on public land where they came none of them deserve this.


    1. I agree Barbara. That is likely how some of these wild horses meet this tragic fate. Of course, hearing that the BLM sells perhaps 1000s — 1700 at least according to the ProPublica article — to a known meat man, means there are so many we have no idea about. It is gut wrenching. Then you have the BLM tweeting the roundups, almost as if they are rubbing it in. Hateful thinking.


  5. This is so hard to see our equines delivered to their final brutal end. We need to do something like make a lot of noise and hold Salazar is responsible!


  6. We are blocked from seeing the video of the BLM unloading horses in Mexico! Sharing on facebook!


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