Trailered horses. Destination slaughter in Canada or Mexico. Google image.

BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)


Please view on YouTube, “like” it (horrible choice we know) and comment so more people will see how America’s heritage is being butchered.

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25 thoughts on “BLM horses unloading at Mexican slaughterhouse (Video)”

  1. Just disgusting. I hope the karma train rolls right over these animal killers and abusers. Shame on them all.


  2. These horses belong to BLM or Federal Gov so how does the slaughterhouse own them they should be listed as STOLEN Kill buyers are the BIG problem they get a Quota of horses for these slaughter houses any way they can!! make them known to the public see how they like being named KILLERS.


    1. The horses belong to us taxpayers, not the government. They are responsible by law for their care etc.

      BLM doesn’t ship them to slaughter, technically.
      There is a loophole called “sale authority” that allows bulk sales to dealers.
      The dealers ship them.
      Semantics game.
      “Sale authority” needs to be repealed.


  3. The thought of these gorgeous horses being slaughtered makes my blood run cold , I cannot bare the thought !!!!! When we can come up with the plan to make it stop I want to be the first to sign up !!!!! I will stand for these beauties unconditionally just as they have always stood for me…………. and for you…….they have given to us always and they belong free to roam as it was intended ……….. and should always be ……….. Until they are free to roam i will not ever stop …………………. the BLM s lies and corruption has to stop …………………they are getting away with brutal unnecessary murder ………………………………………………………


    1. yes the thought of our poor American horses trucked so many miles with no food or water and crammed in the trailer makes me sick if one falls they trample them its so disgusting and needs to stop. Americans love horses always have and always will– they are not raised for food for someones dinner– the thought is disgusting. We have to get The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act to pass to stop this war on our American horses.


      1. Dear Shirley, also they load stallions with mares , this is a war zone for aLL IN THAT TRAILER, it must be horrible OMG, these people Number 1 should not be slaughtering horses, number 2 the stupidity is ramped ,whom it their right mind to begin with would ever put stallions with mares, in a confined space?????? ONLY A RAVING FLAMING Ignoramus…………………


  4. I cannot watch these videos either anymore they make me have nightmares I so wish it would stop I thought it was illegal to take our horses across the borders with no paperwork?


    1. Exactly. Nothing you ask the horse slaughter industry to do to regulate non-traditional, non-regulated food animals — in this case horses — is going to be anything but a big FAIL. The EU is not stupid so you have to figure they really do not care about toxic horse meat entering the human food chain in their countries.


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