HRT Horse Artwork created by Martha Rosenberg.

Will women have short memories about HRT? Pharma hopes so

HRT Horse Artwork created by Martha Rosenberg.
Horse artwork regarding hormone replacement therapy produced with pregnant mare’s urine. Created by Martha Rosenberg.

As a new generation of women approach menopause,
will the HRT lessons of the 1970s and 2000’s be lost
amid Pharma’s marketing again?

Martha Rosenberg has been writing intelligently and cohesively about the issues surrounding the Premarin® family of drugs for a good while, and we are very grateful to her.

Rosenberg has penned another excellent article posted on OpEdNews dated November 1, 2012. She reports:

    “It has been almost ten years since a federal study found that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) did not prevent heart disease and memory loss as advertised but increased the risk of heart attacks by 29 percent and doubled the risk of dementia. Oops.

    “That was not all the bad news that emerged about HRT. It also increased the risk of breast cancer by 26 percent, stroke by 41 percent, doubled the risk of blood clots and increased the risk of hearing loss, gall bladder disease, urinary incontinence, asthma, the need for joint replacement, melanoma, ovarian, endometrial and lung cancers and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, according to medical journals.

    “Not exactly the fountain of youth it was billed as by hormone drug maker Wyeth (now Pfizer) in high-budget menopause awareness TV ads starring model Lauren Hutton.

    “In fact, HRT was such a scourge against women, in the first year that millions quit, 2003, the incidence of US breast cancer fell seven percent. It fell 15 percent among women whose tumors were fed by estrogen. Fourteen thousand women who were expected to get breast cancer didn’t said news reports. And it wasn’t just breast cancer women were spared: heart attack and ovarian cancer rates also fell when women quit HRT, said news reports.”

    Read entire article here >>


    1. Send the Int’l Fund for Horses Letter to Physicians (3 pp, pdf) to your doctor. Prepare an envelope, grab a stamp, print the letter, and put it in the mail. It is that simple.

    Don’t have a OB/GYN or other similar medical professional? Then grab the phone book or search the internet in your area and send as many as time, envelopes, stamps and printing allows.

    Learn more about the letter here >>

    2. Do you know 10 women you really care about? Share this post with them.

    3. Do you care about everyone who may take this family of drugs, and that mares are kept constantly pregnant so their urine can be extracted and surplus foals are sent to slaughter? Then please share this on social media.


    We dedicated the month of March to Premarin® horses this year. You will find a host of information on this issue here >>

1 thought on “Will women have short memories about HRT? Pharma hopes so”

  1. If breast cancer is tied to Premarin then why is the FDA allowing this drug to be sold? Perhaps horse advocates should get the Susan B Komen foundation on board. Obviously, a massive campaign is needed to enlighten the women who use it if the stats you mentioned are able to be documented. You may get the attention of a few physicians, but putting the scare of breast cancer into the end user would be more effective in my opinion than trying to fight Big Pharma. Many doctors undoubtedly get incentives for prescribing it as well.


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