Ginger Kathrens. PBS Photo.

Ginger Kathrens on Hannity segment at Fox re Salazar and BLM


Ginger Kathrens. PBS Photo.
Ginger Kathrens. PBS Photo.

Exclusive from Horseback Magazine

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Horseback Magazine has learned that wild horse advocate; Emmy Award videographer Ginger Kathrens, will appear with conservative powerhouse Sean Hannity on his television program Wednesday.

Kathrens is the CEO of the Colorado Springs Based Cloud Foundation. She is the producer of three PBS Nature series specials on wild horses.

Kathrens witnessed Interior Secretary Ken Salazar threatening a reporter who had exposed a possible federal Bureau of Land Management sale of protected wild horses to a known killer buyer for the horse slaughter industry on election night. Kathrens was attending an Obama victory celebration.

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Note: We have since heard via email that the Kathrens segment will be taped today (Wednesday) and aired later this week, so watch for it!

11 thoughts on “Ginger Kathrens on Hannity segment at Fox re Salazar and BLM”

    1. Do you not see that our wild horses and burros are being removed so that mines, oil, as oil and gas companies are opening on public lands to enrich the companies that have given monstrous sums of money to the campaigns of the President, Senator Reid, and to Senator Salazar’s campaign. How can you ignore the politics when it is the politics and the need to fund 100’s and 100’s of special interest groups that are the grass roots…all this money comes in and is filtered through several fronts and redistributed. I want to save the wild horses to, but you cannot ignore the Calico wind farms, the Ruby pipeline and accompanying utilities road. I guess the rest of the mines are covered with invisibility cloaks, but the simple truth is that the wild horse annilation that began in 2009 was no accident. The purpose is to take our country’s natural resources and enrich those who are willing to donate a generous amount of the millions they are making from the resources that once belonged to the American people to make sure that your bloody faced horse killers can stay in office. That is why this is political, and if you wanted to find out the truth, it’s not too hard to find.


  1. Sandra, I respectfully disagree with you again, but of course I could be wrong. What you don’t seem to understand is that Fox News may have a far better understanding about what is going on on public lands than or at least why it is going on that 99.9% of the advocates. One of their main contributors Michelle Malkin has been a nightmare for Secretary Salazar. This woman knows how to put words together, and then slice and dice. I like the idea that Ginger is going to be interviewed by Sean Hannity. He’s a warrior.

    It may not appear obvious to everyone, but the dynamics of public land use has changed. Hopefully ranchers can be convinced that having horses on the range protects them as well as the horses because they keep a lot of people invested in what happens to the lands, how they are being used, who is using them to build wealth. There has been a massive amount of corporatization under Reid and Salazar—but I guess the West is just so big it is easy to miss.


  2. the goal at this point should be to get rid of Salazar, to get someone with fresh eyes and no conflicts of interest..I woudln’t expect Fox to be on the side of the wild horses..they are anti everything..what is that all media get this story out there..why do you think Salazar called phillips to apologise..all of a sudden people are asking..what is the deal with wild horses the the secretary threatens to punch a reporter..It leaves the question..what is he hiding..while we know what he is hiding..the rest of america is about to find out…media across the country had stories up is swelling


  3. I recorded Hannity last night in hopes of catching the interview, not knowing it had been taped for later broadcast. During the last 10 minutes or so, while he did play the tape of the threat…he instead spoke with a radio talk show host, and a democratic ‘strategist’ about the confrontation. Hannity said, albiet sarcastically, and I quote: “I guess it’s alright for a cabinet member to threaten to punch somebody because they asked a stupid question about Wild Horses”. “Stupid question…” is exactly what he said. He should do his homework. The rest of the segment wasn’t worth the airtime. Hoping all the truth comes out in round 2.


    1. Thank you Jan. I am glad someone had the stomach to watch these people.

      For you youngsters who think I am picking on these lame media mouthpieces, we old timers grew up with broadcasting greats and it is nauseating to see what they have been replaced with.


      1. You say this, but Fox played the video of Ken Salazar walking up to the podium and saying loudly for all to hear, “I’m sorry.” Did any other TV station cover this? I agree that Fox could do a better job, but they are the only news organization that has told the public anything about Benghazi.

        You are all over the map on this topic and you are not even close to figuring out what Dave Phillips and Ken Salazar have in common. Either you’re with Salazar or against him, and Salazar is doing exactly what the President wants him to do, and you can tie Dave Phillips, Ken Salazar, and the President all together.


  4. I thank the Cloud Foundation for bringing out the REAL Ken Salazar! He is an arrogant, self-serving that is going to keep slaughtering our protected wild horses. I hope he resigns! He has also delisted the wolves. Why you say? Because he is a rancher and wants his other big rancher buddies to ready to put more cattle in the west.


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