Reporter Dave Philipps. Google image via Vimeo.

Salazar interview with Philipps re sale of wild horses to slaughter (video)

Go to 3:25 to 3:30 for the part where Dave Philipps begins asking Salazar about his job as Secretary of the Interior, sale of wild horses to slaughter, the BLM.

The good news is that picked up this story. is highly read and regarded by people in Washington DC, particularly on the Hill.

7 thoughts on “Salazar interview with Philipps re sale of wild horses to slaughter (video)”

  1. Right on, Janis. He doesn’t even seem to know how mistaken he is when he keeps saying the horses “don’t belong on Public Land,” According to Congress in the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971, the horses DO belong. Who does that SOB think he is that he can just ignore an Act of Congress?

    If he were to die in the desert, the vultures wouldn’t come near him.


  2. This man talks with a forked tongue. He is a liar, an arrogant , self -serving person that has rounded up 53,000 of our protected-by-law wild horses and is sending them illegally to slaughter. He has delisted the wolves from the endangered list and they are being killed by the hundreds in the west. I can go on and on about his record but I will be here all day.


  3. Another Government embarrassment , Piece of Human Garbage , somebody please bag it and tag and get rid of the stink !!!!!


  4. “huge issue w/ mustangs on the PUBLIC domain” YES! Genocide is huge. how can he say “conservation” w/ straight face. He is lying through his teeth about Davis, Davis admitted he “does a lot of trucking for Salazar”. I’d like to punch him into next week, there would be no regrets.


  5. The typical rancher bullshit and rhetoric because he has such DISDAIN and DISREGARD for wild horses and burros as the American Icons they are AND also “the regular people/taxpayer’s and OUR wishes, wants and needs…..the guy is so typical of the actions of a welfare rancher (millions upon millions being paid by us, the American taxpayers, in the form of subsidies so they can run their PRIVATE BUSinESSES—wish I could get in on that deal with my private business, but then again, I’m too honest and ethical to take money from other taxpayers unless they want it to go to me) and their selfishness and greed its not even funny, and President Obama should heed the huge warning red flags that even though some of us did vote for him for a second term, we only did so because we expect to see POSITIVE RESULTS toward what we the taxpayers want, and that is to put people in the BLM who actually represent the BEST INTERESTS of the wild horses and burros and will seek positive changes in the BLM to PROTECT our wild horses and burros, and less favoritism toward greedy folk like Mr. Salazar and his ilk and nasty cohorts that would go out and shoot every, single wild horse and burro if it was legal to do so…..just like they do with every other living, breathing creature on the open range that either competes with their livestock for food and water or is a predator to their livestock.
    Keep the pressure up everyone toward exposing the huge racket that is being run with I’m sure at least Salazar’s knowledge, if not his help too……1700 wild horses do NOT go missing without him clearly knowing “who, what and where” (they went-slaughter obviously) Laura Bell at


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