Hope lies dying in muddy field, Bolton, Gr. Manchester. Photo: Cavendish Press.

Horse lay minutes from death after being abandoned in ‘field of hell’

This is what should happen in the United States when people cause grievous bodily harm to horses in their possession. They should never be allowed to own horses again. Instead, in the U.S. abusive owners receive little more than fines, are rarely imprisoned and sometimes even have the horses returned to them. In extreme criminal cases when horses are not returned to the offending owner, they are often auctioned off to recoup the costs of keeping and treating them while the case pends and end up in the slaughter pipeline. The lucky ones are allowed to be taken in by a rescue.

Hope lies dying in muddy field, Bolton, Gr. Manchester. Photo: Cavendish Press.
Bolton, Gr. Manchester, England. A horse called Hope lying helpless in a muddy overcrowded field owned by breeder Philip Davies. He has been banned from owning horses for life.

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Here is the story.

Horse lay minutes from death after being abandoned in ‘field of hell’

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(Bolton, Greater Manchester, England) — The two year old chestnut mare slipped and got entangled in barbed wire after being being forced to live on muddy overgrazed land with the rest of her herd.

It took a mechanical digger to hoist the young horse named Hope to safety and her life was only saved after a vet took her in and successfully treated her.

It emerged Hope was amongst several lice infested, worm-ridden horses left to ‘live in filth’ on land owned by widower Philip Davies, 65, in Edgworth, near Bolton, Greater Manchester.

The animals were so underweight, they suffered liver damage caused by eating poisonous ragwort weeds.

Today horrifying pictures of the horses emerged after amateur horse breeder Davies was banned from keeping animals for life following his conviction for 52 animal cruelty offences.

The judge ordered Davies to complete 300 hours unpaid work and abide by an 8pm to 7am curfew. He was also ordered to pay £85,737.17 in costs and compensation. Read full report >>

6 thoughts on “Horse lay minutes from death after being abandoned in ‘field of hell’”

  1. Thank GOODNESS for these wonderful people… And I agree. The US, for a supposedly “advanced” nation, lags PITIFULLY behind when it comes to animal rights and these animals’ protection. Pitifully.


  2. This nut case is a typical hoarder they can’t feed or take care of the animals they collect up be it horses or dogs/cats. This nut needs a long prison term. But the courts never do the right thing. It’s unlikely they will keep a eye on this guy in the future.


  3. Good that he is banned for life from adopting animals. This is a whole lot better than Michael Vick who now owns a puppy. Recidivism is rampant among animal abusers.


    1. I agree with you Chris! The US does not have specific rules to certain folks with cruelty issues???? DUH??? These humans should not be allowed to own animals during their lifetime….. if they have cruelty/abuse issues……. God Bless the Innocent Horses!


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