Horses found abandoned Detroit warehouse. Photo: Michigan Humane Society.

10 horses rescued from Detroit warehouse

Horses found abandoned Detroit warehouse. Photo: Michigan Humane Society.
One of 10 abandoned horses discovered in a Detroit warehouse is comforted by a Michigan Humane Society worker. The horses have now been taken into care. A full investigation is underway.

TOM GREENWOOD reporting for the Detroit News writes:

“Early Tuesday afternoon members of the Michigan Humane Society, Detroit Animal Rescue and the Detroit Police Department rescued 10 neglected horses from a crumbling cinderblock warehouse on the city’s west side.

“The horses, some with heavily matted fur, protruding ribs and neglected hooves, were confined in a warehouse with broken windows and a sagging ceiling.

“The only apparent food was a few mounds of hay heaped on a muddy floor.

“Peaceful and trusting, the animals were led past heaps of debris to trailers which took them to a facility run by the International League for the Protection of Horses.”

Anyone interesting in donating can do so through its web site at or by calling (866) MHUMANE (648-6263) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Continue reading, view video report >>

The Detroit Free Press reports:

“[Michigan] Humane Society officials would not release the name of the owner of the horses. The horses are being treated by the International League for the Protection of Horses of Michigan, but Humane Society officials would not comment on their injuries.

“The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said the abuse is under investigation.” Read more >>


8 thoughts on “10 horses rescued from Detroit warehouse”

  1. Just wondering if my horse Shadow is one of them, he has been missing for two years. He is a dark bay, guilding, Thoroughbred. He is on Nette Posse. With white diamond on forhead.


  2. I wonder why when I was begging all of the authorities, this one too to help horses in this condition and worse they did not step in. While I was trying to get help for horses in this condition and worse horses actually died. I will live with this knowledge forever and I will not forget the people who would not listen or step in and help. I will not forget the ones that finally did. I would like to say this “when a person tells you over and over again about horses in condition that I considered near death, you should listen to them”. I for one do not go to all of the trouble I went to for the fun of it. Believe me it was not fun at all. I will remember each horses face I saw. They will be with me until the day I die. And I will never forget that horses had to die because no one would listen or do anything to help them.


  3. When I hear and see this kind of neglect and abuse of such a wonderful animal I wonder where society went wrong, these horses should be Honored and cared for , we are suppose to be caring individuals for the animals of all kinds , the horses have always been our ally , they show us love trust companionship and heal our very souls,, they are of beautiful gift from a higher power to show us many attributes that we should mirror, many of us can only dream of being so perfect !!!! i guess there are those of us who will never get it !!!!!! A huge kudos to all he rescuers , they give hope that these abused and neglected horses will in fact find the love that they give so innocently !!!!! Thank You !!! to everyone who helped these horses……. Thank s to everyone here who daily fights for their freedom , and their rights to live peacefully, you all are a very special group who will also find that our efforts will not be in vain…. ……..


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