Tom Davis. Photo by Dave Philipps.

DA opens investigation into Davis’ sale of wild horses to slaughter

Tom Davis. Photo by Dave Philipps.
Pictured, Tom Davis, who is at the center of an investigation alleging his sale of at least 1700 federally protected Mustangs to slaughter, as exposed in the ProPublic report by Dave Philipps. Davis reportedly worked on the Salazar family farm, but the Interior Secretary denies any business relationship.

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ALAMOSA — District Attorney David Mahonee said Thursday he had opened an investigation into whether a La Jara man who buys wild horses from the federal government had illegally shipped the animals across the state line.

Mahonee, who had just returned from vacation, declined to discuss the details of the case against Tom Davis, adding that he had yet to receive all of the information from the state Division of Brand Inspection.

State Brand Commissioner Chris Whitney said his office is asking local prosecutors to charge Davis for failing to comply with a state law that requires a brand inspection before shipping livestock out of state.

Whitney said he interviewed Davis Nov. 6 and confirmed the violation.

Penalties could range from misdemeanor fines to felony jail time.

Source.


Man Under Federal Investigation for Selling Wild Horses to Slaughter Houses Worked on Salazar Family Farm; The Colorado Observer; by Mark Stricherz; Nov. 16, 2012

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7 thoughts on “DA opens investigation into Davis’ sale of wild horses to slaughter”

  1. BLM Secret Documents to Extermination of the Wild horses under Secreatary Salazar

    Dr Pat Haight an extra ordinary horse advocate sent for this information under FOIA and then informed the USA Wild horse advocates

    If you want to know what Ken Salazar and BLM say about wild horse extermination READ this site information on the right side below the picture.

    BLM spends millions of dollars on media to keep the public uninformed.
    Questions can be directed to the Cloud Foundation Ginger Kathrens. Dr Pat Haight has made her transition and is truly missed by all who knew her work.

    Thank you Pat for all your hard work ~ You made the history books.


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