Sheldon Wild Horses. Photo credit: Mike Lorden.

Feds to remove all Sheldon wild horses

Sheldon Wild Horses. Photo credit: Mike Lorden.
Sheldon Wild Horses. Photo credit: Mike Lorden.

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Wildlife Refuge in Washoe County to Remove All Wild Horses

RENO, Nev. (AP) – Federal officials have approved a management plan for the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in northwestern Nevada that calls for the removal of all wild horses and burros from it within five years.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials say the move is being made because the animals have a negative effect on habitat, and the refuge was created for pronghorn antelope and other native wildlife.

Horse advocates sharply criticize the refuge’s comprehensive conservation plan, which will guide its management over the next 15 years. Read more >>


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9 thoughts on “Feds to remove all Sheldon wild horses”

  1. I would love to see a Head Line Like US citizens,have deemed BLM and all their Employees , and anyone who harms any Mustangs or Burros, as not fit to run A Agency , and has Ordered the BLM removed from Society and be put in Jail for their Criminal Acts against the Wild Mustangs !!!! !!! Now were talking Removel of the Proper people………………….


  2. A recent report said there is an increase of pronghorn antelopes at Sheldon . Since wild horses are symbiotic to ecosystems perhaps they have helped the increase. It is just plain stupid to remove our wild horses and burros.


    1. Just goes to show Barbara that these decisions are not motivated by scientific evidence, knowledge of the history of the area and its wildlife, or even a bit of common sense. This is all about destruction. Wild horses seem to be the enemy of the feds, when they could leave them alone and all would be well. I do not understand this unaccounted for hatred, but it runs long and deep.


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