Question Marks. Tuesday's Horse image.

Spooked horses cause Claus carriage wreck

Question Marks. Tuesday's Horse image.

Why is that these types of incidents seem to occur over and over? Horses traditionally have been used to pull sleighs and all other sorts of vehicles, and in noisy, crowded conditions, for decades.

Is it that the horses are not properly trained? Or being asked to do something they do not normally do? Perhaps drivers no longer understand horses the way they used to. If the answer to any of these are yes, then horse drawn vehicles should be banned.

In this story, as with so many of these types, nothing is said about the state of the horses following the “accident”.

Cross-posted from the Altoona News


BEDFORD, Pa. (AP) — State police say a holiday ceremony was marred when horses pulling a sleigh were spooked, injuring the driver and forcing the actors portraying Santa and Mrs. Claus to jump to safety.

State police say the horses were apparently spooked by band music and bolted, causing a wheeled sleigh they were pulling to crash.

Mrs. Claus reportedly twisted her ankle in the process.

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Video report at Ch. 6 WJAC television >>

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