Twin Peaks Mustangs by Linda Hay

Lobbying for wild horses

Twin Peaks Mustangs by Linda Hay
Twin Peaks Mustangs by Linda Hay

Get lobbying with us in Washington.


Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar needs to go. I think we can all agree on that. Word is Salazar is seeking a private sector job and will be out as early as the end of the year, and at the very latest before President Obama is inaugurated for his second term in January.

That leaves the burning question, who will replace him. Our choice is Rep. Raul Grijalva. Read more here >>

However, Washington State Governor and Democrat Christine “Chris” Gregoire may also be an advantageous choice for our wild ones in that she has shown a friendly eye toward horses and favors a ban on horse slaughter.

Gregoire served as the director of the Washington Department of Ecology from 1988 until 1992. While Ecology director she negotiated a three party agreement in 1989 with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy to clean up waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. Later, as attorney general she sued several times to try to get a more adequate cleanup job.

During a general election in 2004 she made the surprisingly forthright statement that she would “blow past the bureaucracy” and bring change herself. Gregoire would have plenty of bureaucracy to “blow past” with the renegade Bureau of Land Management who is mowing down one herd of wild horses and burros after another in their relentless destruction of this beloved American icon.


Please make a donation to ensure our horses have the strongest voice possible in Washington.

We cannot stress too highly just how important it is that we make a lot of noise on behalf of good candidates and against the negative candidates nominated for the crucial position of U.S. Secretary to the Department of the Interior.


There will be plenty to do besides donating, so please make sure you either sign up for email messages from the Int’l Fund for Horses OR email notifications of new posts on Tuesday’s Horse (click “sign me up” button upper right hand column) regarding all of the most relevant horse protection issues including wild horses.

Thank you for your wonderful support.

14 thoughts on “Lobbying for wild horses”

  1. Maybe some letters directly to Grijalva are in order. People have been known to change their mind. Wear him down. Also he may not know about Obama’s Interior intimidation of Charles Monnett, a DOI polar bear scientist (I wrote a post on this). Let Grijalva know about the horrible corruption in that department, and how it will irreversibly damage our wild lands and species. As Barbara said; Obama is used to insider cronyism. We make sure he knows the American people are on to him, he may be more likely to elect Grijalva! :)


  2. Simone Netherlands just said that Grijalva doesn’t want the job…I’m trying to find out if this is a rumor or if she knows this first hand – we both live in Arizona.


  3. I live in Congressman Grijalva’s district in AZ. He would be a wonderful choice for DOI, tho heartbreaking to lose him in the House. His integrity is high, his heart in the right place, and his experience in dealing with entrenched recalcitrance and stupidity (both nationally and here in the state of AZ) is just what he would need at DOI! I think we need to voice support loudly and recruit other environmental organizations to this cause.


    1. You are so lucky to have a Rep. like Grijalva! Yes, he would be perfect to head DOI. There are some organizations trying to get wolf protection who have also started a movement to get Grijalva to head DOI, but we sure need more. Because he is such a great protector of our earth, he probably is a slim chance for DOI, but WE HAVE TO KEEP DEMANDING THAT HE BE APPOINTED. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.


  4. The bad part about all of this is Obama and his cronies will pick someone that fits their agenda and keeps the cattlemen happy. Grijalva doesn’t fit that profile. All we can do is try. There are at least 10 environmental groups that have come together and filed a lawsuit to force the fish and wildlife to reinstate the endangered species protection for wolves in Wyoming and the other states that have turned themselves into bloody killing fields.


    1. What has been happening to the wolves is atrocious. Where do these people get this thinking?

      And you are right; Grijalva has a slim chance but we could finally get lucky. I think he would bring balance and integrity to the situation, which is all we really ask.


  5. Grijalva has not been nominated; he may not be nominated. When someone is actually nominated then we will know what action to take. There is nothing about “settling” in those statements.


  6. According to the article I read about this, if you look at the “comments” from people in Washington that know her don’t have ANYTHING good to say about her. They say she’ll get out there herself & shoot the wolves, that she’s PRO-CATTLE and removes wildhorses to make room for more cattle. SHE IS NOT WHAT THE DOI NEEDS. Let’s all stick together…..Raul Grijalva to head DOI!


    1. It is not a matter of sticking together at this point. We do not know who Obama will nominate. It is certainly not a given that it will be Grijalva. He is the dream candidate of most wildlife and environmental advocates.

      Plus negative comments are made about Grijalva, however we actually know his track record firsthand.

      You can be sure we will be working for the good candidates, and against the bad candidates, for this position. We will know, because we will be there, and will be getting information from inside the beltway and that is what matters the most.


      1. If we don’t stick together on this, we’ll be forced to “settle” I’m in no mood to “settle”


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