Horse Haven of Tennessee horse.

Tennessee horse rescuer issues bogus buyer warning

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Horse Haven of Tennessee horse.
Photo: Horse Haven of Tennessee website.

The operator of an East Tennessee horse rescue is warning owners that a man claiming to be purchasing horses for the rescue is an imposter.

Nina Margetson, founder and operator of Horse Haven of Tennessee near Knoxville, said that on Dec. 1, she learned through a telephone inquiry that someone was answering horse-related Craigs’s List postings claiming that he was authorized to purchase and pick-up animals for placement at the rescue.

“A women called me and said, ‘You don’t buy horses, do you?’ And I told her we don’t,” Margetson said.

Margetson said that Horse Haven of Tennessee personnel always carry identification and travel in vehicles that bear the rescue’s logo whenever they meet with those wanting to place a horse with the rescue. Anyone claiming to represent the organization who cannot produce identification or who is traveling in an unmarked vehicle is probably an imposter, she said.

Margetson hopes someone who has been contacted by the alleged imposter will help her identify him.

“We suspect this is a kill buyer, and we hope to act on this right away before more damage can be done,” she said.

Anyone with information about whoever is using Horse Haven of Tennessee’s name to obtain horses, should call Margetson at 865/406-5762 or 865/609-4030.

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3 thoughts on “Tennessee horse rescuer issues bogus buyer warning”

  1. Can you tell me where on their website I can find the photo that you have at the top of this blog post? This horse looks really familiar to me.


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