Hot-Shot Power Mite.

Champion riders seen shocking horses at Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo


(Dec. 13, 2012) — SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) has uncovered stunning evidence of horses being shocked out of the bucking chute at the National Finals Rodeo (NFR) being held in Las Vegas this week. Shocking horses is against the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association’s bylaws and rules, the only exception being for known chute stallers. However since “known chute stallers” are prohibited from being used at the NFR, using electrical prods to make the horses perform is against the PRCA’s own rules.

Video footage reveals horses ridden by top champion contestants in the saddle bronc riding competition being shocked. Implicated riders include Wade Sundell, Taos Muncy, Cody DeMoss, Sterling Crawley and brothers Jake and Cody Wright (the Wright brothers, Jake, Jesse, Alex and Cody are amongst the top earners in the PRCA).

To view the footage click on the following link: [or at the end of this post-Ed.]

Hot-Shot Power Mite.
The Hot-Shot Power-Mite easily generates between 4,000-5,000 volts of electrical pain. According to its manufacturer it is not to be used on horses, period. Video shows bucking horses being hot-shotted in the neck and head, in some cases several times.

The device used, the Hot-Shot Power Mite, is an electric prod, which was never intended for use in horses or at rodeos. The manufacturing company has very strong statements on the use of the electric prod. Amy Scheel, Marketing Director of Miller Manufacturing Company Inc. has previously stated, “We don’t condone the use of this on horses and not in rodeos.” SHARK recently contacted the manufacturer and Amy Scheel reiterated that the company policy remains the same relative to the use of the product and the company continues to stand by her statement.

SHARK president Steve Hindi said, “They are breaking their own rules using this electric prod to shock horses. Not only is it cruel, but also as only the top riders and horses are competing, this should be completely unnecessary. ”

Rodeos have a tainted history of using electric prods to provoke horses into bucking to make them appear wilder then they are. SHARK has been documenting this abuse since 2005 and yet despite public outrage, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is turning a blind eye to the practice.

SHARK is a US registered 501©(3) tax-deductible non-profit charity. SHARK’s mission is to nonviolently battle animal abuse whenever and wherever possible.

17 thoughts on “Champion riders seen shocking horses at Las Vegas National Finals Rodeo”

  1. THANK YOU for what you do SHARK. Your work is difficult to say the least and oh so necessary! Bless you and bless the species that suffer at the hands of inferior humans.


  2. This is animal abuse and cruelty that is going unpunished. This is unacceptable and inhumane. Rot in hell you bastards! There are no words that can define these ignorant people!

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  3. thank you, Lisa, I couldn’t have put it better if I’d said it myself. This is just plain cruel. There should be severe fines for this. Anyone that would do that to a horse is more than a coward.


  4. if it’s involving AQHA it’s got to be CRUEL. Where’s PETA in all this. It’s either too
    big for PETA or rodeos contribute to PETA.


  5. “Video footage reveals horses ridden by top champion contestants in the saddle bronc riding competition being shocked. ”

    Well, then; this makes them exactly NOT champions. It makes them cowards. Otherwise, why shock an already terrified animal into a fake performance?

    That’s the thing about these ‘competitons’ and events like them, such as hunting, especially predators, where the circumstances are skewed to favor the human: It isn’t a contest, a showcase of talent, ability or skill. It’s a bunch of pussies in boots trying to justify miserable lives of no purpose.

    That buckle, trophy or money you haven’t really earned on the back of animal you allowed to be hurt proves exactly – what?

    Not a damn thing.

    Now, ride that animal until it’s gentled, with no artificial enhancement, or rope a calf without breaking or killing it? THAT would be a true example of a useful skill.

    It seems that so many venues with animals at their heart have become sanctuary for psychotic animal abusers – right out there in the open. I was raised on rodeo, an arena for men and women to exhibit the skills necessary to work a ranch. Times may have changed, but if we are losing our horse culture, it’s possible displays such as this – that have devalued and objectified the animals involved – are contributors. There was something admirable about a rank bull or bronc that could never be ridden – a testament to the animal’s skills and abilities as well. It was an honest competition between a courageous human and a big animal with a free heart.

    There is nothing honest or competetive in this. And the notion that it’s ‘allowed’ or viewed as acceptable behavior is further evidence of how far the overall value of animals continues to fall.

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  6. Does it ever end….Race Horses, Tennessee Walking Horses, Gaited Horse, Quarter Horses, …..As far as cowboyse being heros I know several that are the most abusive people on earth….Some think they are Macho and feel the need to torture and abuse innocent animals….All I have to say is anyone that tortures an innocent animal needs
    to be held rsponsible and realize these animals can’t speak for themselves!….I pray that people who abuse, torture,or neglect innocent creatures can get what they deserve and rot in HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!


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