Leachman on trial for horse abuse. Photo: Paul Ruhter/Billings Gazette.

Leachman sentenced to jail for horse abuse


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Leachman on trial for horse abuse. Photo: Paul Ruhter/Billings Gazette.
James Leachman of Billings listens to jury selection in his trial on charges of misdemeanor animal abuse in Yellowstone County Justice Court.

BILLINGS, MT (Dec. 13, 2012) — Yellowstone County Justice of the Peace Larry Herman sentenced Billings livestock breeder James Leachman on Wednesday to serve five years in the Yellowstone County Detention Facility, with all but 120 days suspended, for horse abuse.

The judge also fined Leachman $5,000 and prohibited him from owning cows or horses for the duration of his sentence.

Herman granted all the jail time and fines sought by the prosecution. Leachman faced a maximum five years in jail and a $5,000 fine.

Leachman, 70, was led away in handcuffs after the sentencing, but he plans to appeal his conviction to Yellowstone District Court. His son, Seth Leachman, was making arrangements in the courtroom to post a $5,000 bond to immediately release his father from jail during the appeal.

At least four of Leachman’s horses died in “horrible agony,” the judge said.

All Leachman had to do, Herman said, was attend to his horses that were crippled from plastic leg bands put on their front legs for identification purposes, bands that weren’t adjusted or removed as the horses grew. Leachman has taken no responsibility for the dead horses he’s charged with abusing, Herman said, or many more in his herd of more than 800 horses that were limping from the tight bands.

“He indicated at trial and today he would to it all over again,” the judge said. Read full report >>

9 thoughts on “Leachman sentenced to jail for horse abuse”

  1. This man needed to be locked up for the five years. His son will bail him out and he won’t even have to be in there for the 120 days. There is nothing in this sentence that will change him he’s been like that his whole life. Let’s hope he drops dead from a heart attack as he walks out of the jail after his bail is made.


  2. I am glad he was sentenced, but this man should NEVER be allowed to own any living thing — EVER. The part of his sentence: “The judge also fined Leachman $5,000 and prohibited him from owning cows or horses for the duration of his sentence.” is unacceptable.


  3. Will he change because of his sentence? Will he be allowed to have any animals when he gets out? I think not or should not.


  4. what a
    scumbag! i say. an eye for an eye. put a band around his neck and tighten it a little bit every week!
    this old fool! why would he own all theses horses and not want them to be able to walk?
    cruelity starts with animals and moves up the ladder. good thing he was caught befor he started on children!
    keep his sorry old A”s! in jail and o yah keep that suit on him to! maybe put a horses ass picture on it too!


  5. Thank you …There is a GOD…This man got exactly what he deserved…..I hope they make an example of him….People cannot and should not treat animals this way!
    He should spend time in prison and never own another animal not even a gold fish….Thank you to the Judge for upholding what was right and the sentence that this arrogant low life deserved!!!!!!Thank you!


  6. Leachman says he’s being forced to wear a “leper suit.” Actually, he’s just lived up to his last name if were correctly spelled: Leechman..a blood-sucking parasite man. Sounds like he is a true narcissistic borderline personality. Too bad he won’t have to live in jail for the whole 5 years.


  7. Finally a little Justice, Nothing worse then an arrogant ole FOOL, who also doesnt even take responsibility for the Horrible agony he put those horses through !~!!!!! He Mentions it is like making him wear a lepewr suit , I say it fits him to a T


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