Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.

Take Action: Comments needed for wild horses

Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.
Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.

Calling all wild horse lovers.

An article has been published on WyoFile.com entitled, “Crowded Range: Wyoming ranch is first to house wild horses for tourism“.

While the article does include several statements from wild horse advocates, a majority of it contains the usual litany of Bureau of Land Management misinformation, miscalculations and outright lies.

In the comments section, a person actually suggests the BLM slaughter or allow hunters to kill wild horses to control their population.

We urge you to take a few moments to comment on this article, challenging and correcting these wrong and misleading views.

Save a Mustang, Ride the BLM by Vivian.
Save a Mustang; Ride the BLM by Vivian. Click to buy in our Gift Shop.

Thank you for giving a voice to our wild horses.

Vivian Grant Farrell
Int’l Fund for Horses

4 thoughts on “Take Action: Comments needed for wild horses”

  1. It’s all about the money…..from the horse slaughter community and the ranchers. Greed, pure and simple. All we can do is keep on fighting because without us, the horses don’t stand a chance.


  2. This article sides with the BLM on how wild horses destroy the range. Which is not true. Cattle destroy the range much more then horses. It is a great idea but not if it promotes and continues the BLM’s inhumane removal of wild horses and burros from their homes. They are federally protected and should be removed from the care of the BLM who if not stopped will eradicate all of them off of public lands. That is what the cattle ranchers want. If the BLM use the PZP contraceptive on more mares the numbers would be managable. This article sides totally for the BLM and they are known liars.


    1. Thank you Eileen. It is important we always challenge the continuing lies of the BLM so that people reading these types of articles are not fooled; they have no way of knowing unless we point these errors out.


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