Czech Republic plan to protect landscape and endangered wildlife with wild horses

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Exmoor pony horses are first to be imported in plans to protect landscapes and endangered wildlife.  Image: ČTK.
Exmoor pony horses are first to be imported in plans to protect landscapes and endangered wildlife. Image: ČTK.

Prague, Jan 22 ( ČTK) — Wild horses might be imported to the Czech Republic and released in selected areas including abandoned military training grounds within a project the Czech Landscape group has prepared in cooperation with Czech universities and the Dutch Taurus Foundation, Hospodarske noviny (HN) writes Tuesday.

The first horses, an Exmoor pony male and three females, are to arrive to the Czech Republic soon,” Czech Landscape director Dalibor Dostal told HN.

“Their owner from the Bavarian Forest died recently and the animals are on sale for a favourable price,” Dostal said.

Another twelve ponies are to arrive from the Netherlands in spring.

Experts expects wild horses to help maintain unforested landscape cheaply and environment-friendly and help endangered animal species survive in meadows, the paper writes.

Some horses are to be released in the military training areas that are now being abandoned by soldiers, in the Brdy area, southwest of Prague, for example, Dostal told HN.

He said military representatives are not opposed to the idea. Final negotiations are to take place in the weeks to come.

The Czech Landscape has found sponsors for its project returning wild horses to nature.

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5 thoughts on “Czech Republic plan to protect landscape and endangered wildlife with wild horses”

  1. They must not have cattle ranchers there that control what the local governments do. If these fools in some of the states used this knowledge to restore the damage that cattle and sheep have done to the landscape which everyone can see except them the mustangs would be safe. But they won’t stop until every horse is gone including all the predators. The wolves nor the horses have a chance with these wingnuts in charge


    1. You are so right about that Barbara. Not one wild mustang or burro, not one wolf, not one grizzly bear, not one mountain lion, not one buffalo. Well, you know what the ranchers will be big about it, as long as they don’t put one paw or hoof outside Yellowstone National Park, that will be okay. For now.


  2. How wonderful that the Czech Republic recognizes the true importance of the wild horse, and acknowledges that wild horses do help maintain unforested landscape naturally and are environment-friendly in that they do assist endangered animal species survive in meadows with the horses grazing habits. Another major factor is protecting the gene pool.

    So different in the US, where none of this matters. Even China has made efforts to save the wild horse and are reintroducing horses back into the wild.


  3. This sounds just wonderful, but I always wonder because of what is happening to our wild ones. At any rate, it’s good to hear news like this. Hope this is for real and for the good of the wild life and ecosystems. Keep us posted. Thanks.


  4. There must not be a BLM equivalent or any American interests in oil, gas,coal, copper or other minerals or this wouldn’t be “allowed” to happen.


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