Kentucky Senator and Big Lick queen ‘Just Like Lance’ says Roy Exum

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ROY EXUM. Source image.
ROY EXUM. Source image.

Robin Webb, a Democratic state senator from Kentucky, just became “the Lance Armstrong of the Tennessee Walking Horse industry” after it was revealed two of her horses were ticketed with violations of the federal Horse Protection Act at a North Carolina horse show in October. There was evidence of scar-rule violations on both horses, which means the horses had been sored and, in the Walking Horse world, to sore is to cheat.

As unbelievable as it may appear, Senator Webb (D-Grayson) was even lauded as the 2012 Performance Horse Ambassador by the industry’s Breeders and Exhibitors group in December ,but now she has been shown to be “just like Lance” after two of her horses, Showstopper and Air Force One, were found in violation of the scarring rule and banned from competition last fall in Creedmoor, N.C.

In a scathing story that appeared 10 days ago in the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader, Webb was portrayed as a typical “Big Lick queen” who still favors the scurilous padded hooves and action devices that the American Veterinarian Medical Association, the American Association of Equine Practitioners and many other animal rights organizations want to ban.

Kentucky State Senator Robin Webb. Google image.
Kentucky State Senator Robin Webb. Google image.

Of course, Senator Webb denied everything at first, telling writer Janet Patton, “I don’t sore my horses. I love my horses, and they love me.” But as she was interviewed, Webb called pending Congressional legislation to end soring as “extreme” and even defended the horrifying tape that showed Jackie McConnell, who is now a felon, beating and torturing horses.

Webb had the audacity to tell the newspaper the tape that has now been viewed by millions of horse advocates around the world “was taken out of context” and that Tennessee Walking Horses are “dangerous” animals. “You don’t know what happened five minutes before or five minutes after the tape was made. These are animals that are very dangerous. Every breed has training techniques that animal rights groups find offensive.”

And this woman was just chosen as the Performance Horse Ambassador of the Year? Sweet mother of pearl! Lance wouldn’t have said something that stupid to Oprah! Asked about the violations, Webb said “the scar rule is very subjective,” but her trainer, Donald Stamper of Richmond, hung up on the reporter rather than demonstrate his ignorance. But he was also ticketed for violating the Horse Protection Act.

Asked why she didn’t challenge the tickets, Senator Webb said she was unaware she had been ticketed and, as far as she knows, she has not been suspended. But the Lexington newspaper article left no doubt she is a proponent of the padded, or “performance,” horse and that her Ambassador award was for her work in the discussions with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Read more >>

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2 thoughts on “Kentucky Senator and Big Lick queen ‘Just Like Lance’ says Roy Exum”

    1. I think the tragedy and the misery created for this breed of horse for the sake of money and fame is the lowest level that humanity sinks to. the Big Lick and all the “training” ie. torture, that creates it ought to be banned, with the Big Lick eliminated as an acceptable performance measure in all horse showing settings. This is outrageous treatment for horses and utterly unacceptable to defend for any reason. Shame on the Walking Horse Association and the breeders that foster this cruelty toward their horses. I am anxous for them to become swiftly eniightened as to the depth of inhumanity this is for horses. Unnatural, and unnecessary for the horses. Unacceptable and undefendable for the people. I support any legal effort to erradicate this practice and it’s approval in all horse circles. Expose this crime in every manner that affects change for the sake of the horses.


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