State bill banning performance-enhancing drugs in NY racing sent to Committee


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Horse injected with syringe. Stock image.
Stock image.

Legislation calling for a ban on equine performance-enhancing drugs in horse racing has been sent to the New York Senate Racing, Gaming, and Wagering Committee.

The language in the measure is similar to that of federal legislation that has been floated but not acted upon the past several years. The bill doesn’t specifically mention the anti-bleeding medication furosemide, also known as Salix or Lasix, but a memo attached to the bill says its purpose is to “prohibit the use of any performance-enhancing drug, including Lasix, on horses that participate in horse racing in the state of New York.”

The bill was introduced Jan. 9 by Democratic Sen. Adriano Espaillat; the Senate is controlled by Republicans. Also, there currently are no co-sponsors and no companion bill in the Assembly. The bill did not stem from the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Read more >>

2 thoughts on “State bill banning performance-enhancing drugs in NY racing sent to Committee”

  1. Horsemen’s groups strongly oppose the ban on Lasix on the day of racing. This means their horses bleed all the time from their lungs due to the great exertion of racing. It’s so wrong. I had to give Lasix to my kitty cat, because he has feline asthma and a heart condition (so we found out). That saved him along with some oxygen. He had water coming through his nose. So my heart again breaks for our beautiful equines who should not be raced at all or abused in any way. What’s wrong with people!


    1. Mainly because it is a performance enhancer. There is plenty of evidence to show that most horses do not need Lasix to race.

      If it is so “necessary” how do all the rest of the horses in the world survive without it. No where else permits it. I have a hard time believing that North American horses are different from all the rest of the horses in the world.

      Besides, some horses are now racing without it here in NA and have won races. No bloodshed on the track.

      It’s the addiction to and abuse of drugs here in NA that drives it.


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