Horse Meat Roast. Google Image.

Philly restaurant owner to serve horse meat

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Horse Meat Roast. Google Image.
Horse Meat Roast. Google Image.

A Philadelphia restaurant owner thinks horse meat is delicious and wants to share the delicacy with his customers.

“I am going to embrace horse meat wholeheartedly at Monsu, probably in the springtime,” Peter McAndrews, owner of the Sicilian restaurant, told the website FooBooz.

Chef Marc Vetri says he would “love to serve it.”

Is a horse better than a cow or a rabbit?

“Seriously, who decided what animals to eat and not to eat?” Vetri asked. “Is a horse better than a cow or a rabbit? Really don’t get all the fuss.”

McAndrews isn’t worried about the outrage from the public, including cowboys and animal-rights activists.

“There’s too much meddling,” he said. “If you’re serving something and it’s not doing well, that’s when you don’t serve it anymore. Not because you get letters about it.”

McAndrews owns several Philadelphia restaurants and has already served caballa finto, or “mock horse.” It actually is goat.

Vetri recently dined on horse filet mignon in Montreal. FooBooz said the horse on his plate probably was raised in Pennsylvania and exported to Canada for slaughter.

President Obama lifted the ban on horse slaughter in 2011.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Pennsylvania is home to the largest livestock auction in the East, in Lancaster County. It sends hundreds of horses to slaughter in Quebec, Canada each year.

Pennsylvania provides an ample supply of slaughter-bound horses, the paper said, including race track losers, spent brood mares and washed up Amish buggy and plow horses.

The New York restaurant MoMa PS1 pulled horse meat from its menu last year after a stampede of protests. Read more >>


China is the largest producer of horse meat and supplies foodstuffs of all types to the U.S. In what form the meat is exported and whether or not food labeling protocol is being enforced we have not been able to find out, though we spent the past two weeks trying to find out. Therefore we are not surprised by this statement from the same article:

FooBooz said the USDA did not return multiple calls seeking comment on its article.

Labeling is only one issue, which is the primary basis of the horse meat scandal in the UK and Europe. What about inspections?

In case you think this is not a problem, please see “Investigations: USDA Quietly Eliminated 60% of Foreign Meat Inspections.” In the article they reveal:

In 2010, FSIS only audited 6 countries – Brazil, China, Honduras, Korea, Spain, and Uruguay – a third of what the agency had done the year before.

By 2011, the number of countries audited by FSIS was down to just 3: Australia, New Zealand and Poland.

How reassuring Australia has not been left off the list. Not so reassuring is that they have not been mentioned in the UK / EU horse meat scandal. Australia is a major exporter of horse meat. 80% of it is said to be from discarded racehorses, no doubt full of the “banned for life” drug bute.

11 thoughts on “Philly restaurant owner to serve horse meat”

  1. I am ashamed to be half sicilian. I hope that this is just not a way to gain more publicity fo his restaurant.The root of this goes to the President who lifted the ban on slaughtering horses. One more reason for me not to like him. This is just a disgrace.


    1. Horse slaughter is an international issue. Right here in the US we have State politicians, whom despite all that has been reported, are working hard and fast to return horse slaughter to US soil.

      I am not defending President Obama, just setting the record straight. Obama signed the agriculture budget bill which had language removing previously reinstated funding for horse meat inspections. The President is not allowed to line veto a budget bill.

      The defunding language was taken out, put back in, and taken out again through unscrupulous backdoor means by members of the Tea Party. Anti horse slaughter Legislators who said they would not allow this to happen and would protect our horses failed. So there are a lot of people guilty here.

      It has suited certain advocates to blame the President for motives of their own, mostly likely because Obama has not been a friend in any way to our domestic and wild horses. However, it is misinformation all the same, and I know you would not want to rely on that. Also, by replying to your comment, hopefully I can clear this up for a few others too.

      You can learn more if you wish at

      Thank you for your comment Gina.


  2. What kind of nutjob is this guy, horses have been deemed campanion animals, not to mention all the drugs that are put into them. I personally own a horse and can count how many times a year I worm him, give him his yearly vaccines, not to mention the bute he was getting when he was gelded. Wow maybe he should go back to sicily where they eat their horses.


  3. Another twit who’s more interested in money (and I suspect some notoriety) than the health of his customers.


  4. Hope your customers are aware they are eating carcinogenic meat. No horse has gone without worming, antiinflammitories, lasix, steriods, etc. This meat that was once a family pet, a service animal, a war hero, a race horse used to bring excitement to millions. I have never in the 60 years that I have raised horses ever met one that was bred, born or raised intended as a food animal. Just not fair. Not to them. We personalized them, gave them names, wrote books about them, immortalized them in films and served as soldiers in our wars. They were the industry that settled this Country. They gave their lives pulling fire wagons, crossed this Country and was pony express. They crossed this Country and our desires were their burdens. And to the children who romance them and cherish the memories of the first horse or pony, then why don’t we tell them we inhumanely slaughtered them to feed the lustful masses? It is unexceptable.


  5. I find it funny that this idiot thinks he can safely sell horse meat for consumption!! Any horse owner knows that bute and various other medicines are given to probably 99.999% of horses. Enjoy getting sick off contaminated meat!!!!!! Nobody intentionally breeds horses for slaughter, therefore there is no way of telling if the meat is safe since the USDA and FDA don’t give 2 shits. Shame on you, horses are a beautiful animal treasured by many, and are NOT MEANT FOR CONSUMPTION.


  6. I no longer buy any meat from the big chain stores. I buy from a local butcher where I can see what I’m getting as it is sliced from the carcass.


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