BLM Advisory Bd Mtg, Press Conference and Rally, March 4, OK City

Sheldon Wild Horses. Photo credit: Mike Lorden.
Sheldon Wild Horses. Photo credit: Mike Lorden.

Urgently calling all horse advocates!

Please come to the Oklahoma City Press Conference and Rally March 4, 2013, during the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Advisory Board Meeting.

The Oklahoma House and Senate just voted in favor of the legislation legalizing horse slaughter (Bills HB 1999 and SB 375) and returned to Committee. It is important we block it from going further, not only for our domestic horses but also for our wild horses.

Advocates must stand strong and come together in Oklahoma City on March 4th in Oklahoma City.

PHONE: 405-235-2780 (Make your room reservations now at $149 per room, Triple A rate)

— Simone Netherlands (Respect4Horses)
— R.T. Fitch (Wild Horse Freedom Federation)
— Lisa Friday (The Cloud Foundation)
— Anne Novak (Protect Mustangs)

There is a Facebook Event Page at

If you are planning on being there, please click the going button so organizers can estimate for muffins and coffee and chairs!

NEEDED: Volunteers to assist with the Press Conference. If you can help, please test Simone at 928 925 7212.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “BLM Advisory Bd Mtg, Press Conference and Rally, March 4, OK City”

  1. Please sign the petition at Change.Org Petition to save the wild burros in texas and the Petition to Overturn the Legalization to Slaughter Horses in The US for Human Consumption we got over 3000 more signatures in past week! Lets keep it going, we are 53,000 and counting.


  2. A message from a horse:
    I helped you plow your fields for your crops.
    I was there when you went to your wars and often died with you.
    I pulled your stage coaches and covered wagons across this country.
    I delivered your mail and still today deliver your deceased soldiers and presidents to their final resting places.
    You had me deliberately killed performing stunts in your cowboy movies because I was just a hack horse.
    You had me destroyed because I didn’t run fast enough in a race.
    You would run me until my heart burst.
    I used to be one of your most valuable possessions. You couldn’t go anywhere without me.
    And God forbid, should you need me again, I won’t be here to help you. All of us will have been killed for dog food.
    Remember that you would have never developed this country without me. I deserve far better from you.
    Patti Conn


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