Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.

Myths and Facts about Wild Horses by the BLM, Myth #2

Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.
Wild horses Wyoming. Google image.

As part of March for Wild Horses, we ask you to help challenge the BLM on the Myths and Facts they have on their website.

We cannot make comments on BLM’s website about this, but we certainly can here. This is an important exercise, and we appreciate your taking part.

Here is today’s BLM “myth and fact”.


Myth #2: Horses are held in crowded “holding pens.”

Fact: This assertion is false. The BLM’s short-term holding corrals provide ample space to horses, along with clean feed and water, while long-term holding pastures – large ranches located mainly in Kansas and Oklahoma – permit the horses to roam freely on 292,000 acres of grassland.


Set the record straight, and challenge their so-called facts by commenting on this post.

If you have a lengthy answer, say from someone else’s website, please provide a statement or two (instead of pasting in the whole thing) with a link to where you got it, so we can give them credit for their work and make it easier for people to read all of the comments.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Myths and Facts about Wild Horses by the BLM, Myth #2”

  1. You’re right about BLM possibly testing a new virus rather than feeding toxic hay to only one corral. What liars!


  2. Well pictures don’t lie and we’ve seen the pictures from Fallon, PVC, and Utah holding facilities. Not only are they crowded, their hooves and wounds are NOT cared for and last year in CO horses died from toxic weeds in their hay (or so the blm claimed it was a toxic weed); why was the hay only fed to horses in one corral? Are they testing a new virus to see how fast it would kill them? The horses are sterilized, separated by sexes, nursing foals ripped from their dams, languishing in captivity, and all of them were stolen from their legal domain on our Public Lands. The blm is a criminal syndicate posing as gov agency and I don’t believe thieving criminals. If their lips are moving, they are lying. Blm uses our tax dollars to fund their PR/propaganda machine, their defense in endless litigation (most litigated agency), and their genocide of OUR wild horses.


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